Max4Live News for June 28th 2024

The ESX8GT CV Instrument Mac 1.0 is a groundbreaking device for control voltage manipulation within the Max4Live environment, integrating directly with Ableton Live and Expert Sleepers hardware like the ES-5 Expander and ESX-8GT. Advanced techniques for musical manipulation become accessible with this device, all within the Ableton Live software interface. It utilizes es*encoder~ externals downloaded separately from Expert Sleepers’ website, enhancing its capabilities and easing the integration with Expert Sleepers hardware. Its operation requires attention to disable the drift correction when using the ESX8GT CV Instrument as an aggregate device with ES8/9; this illustrates the attention to detail and precision control endowed by the device.

Released in June 2024, it was developed for the Apple Silicon generation and is highly compatible with modern Mac systems. It has gained popularity due to its adaptability and compatibility with an array of hardware, making it a necessity for electronic music producers. The device is most effective with Ableton Live 12.0.5 and powered by Max 8.6.2, demonstrating its relevance for modern music production.

The device usage involves setting up a session in Ableton Live for control of hardware synthesizers with CV/Gate signals. After downloading and installing the required es*encoder~ externals, users create a new MIDI track where the ESX8GT CV Instrument is loaded. Then, Expert Sleepers ES-5 Expander and the ESX8GT module are connected to the synthesizers or drum machines that will be controlled via CV/Gate. The ESX8GT CV Instrument is opened to set the outputs from ESX8GT employed as Gate/Trig signals, enabling the sequencing and fine-tuning of inputs.

This blend of digital sequencing and analog synthesis enables bridging the tactile world of analog gear and the infinite possibilities of digital music production. It provides a step-by-step expert-level usage example where the ES-8/9 interface is connected to a computer and hooked up to the ESX-8GT, which is connected to the ES-5 expander.

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The ESX8GT Gate Sequencer is a Max4Live device designed for interplay with the Expert Sleepers ES-5 + ESX-8GT hardware, offering an enriching sequence control experience for Ableton Live users. This software-hardware combination facilitates the generation of intricate gate sequences, enabling the control of external drum modules and hardware synthesizers. The device holds compatibility with Ableton Live 12.0.5 and Max 8.6.2, ensuring efficient performance throughout musical creation. Furnished with features such as DRIFT CORRECTION, it mitigates synchronization issues when using the device with other hardware. The downloadable es*encoder~ externals are necessary for operational setup. Parameters like ‘Tempo’, ‘Length’, and ‘Offset’ can be adjusted to create complex rhythmic patterns or modulate analog control voltages (CV) through synchronization capabilities. The ESX8GT Gate Sequencer opens up an array of creative possibilities, from generating traditional rhythm programming to intricate, dynamic rhythmic structures.

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The ESX8GT Triggers Mac 1.0 is a Max4Live device developed by bhenry1790, which enables CV(Control Voltage) triggering within Ableton. Primarily aimed at Apple Silicon users, it interfaces seamlessly with the Expert Sleepers ESX-8GT Expander, allowing modular enthusiasts to blend analog and digital environments. In combination with ableton live version 12.0.5 and Max version 8.6.2, it offers precise sequencing capabilities. The user can create MIDI notes within Ableton, which correspond with the gate signals routed to their modular system via the ESX8GT Triggers device. To ensure smooth operation, users must download the essential es*encoder~ externals from the Expert Sleepers website and place them in the Mac directory mentioned. It’s important to deactivate DRIFT CORRECTION if an ES8/9 is used as an aggregate device.

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The ESX8GT Euclidisms Max4Live device, developed by author bhenry1790, is an innovative tool designed to synthesize complex rhythmic patterns within the Ableton Live digital audio workstation (DAW). This device utilizes euclidean rhythms, mathematical approaches for building unique rhythm patterns. It offers compatibility with Expert Sleepers’ gate expander modules, providing eight channels of euclidean rhythm generation.

The author furthermore used an external Euclidean algorithm to augment the rhythm generation capabilities of the device. For those utilizing cutting-edge hardware, this device is compatible with Apple Silicon, ensuring a wider reach for its user base. However, for an optimal user experience, an installation of es*encoder~ externals is required.

The device works best with DRIFT CORRECTION turned off when using an ES8/9 as an aggregate device, which assures the fullest and most efficient operations. Launched for Ableton Live version 12.0.5 and Max version 8.6.2, the ESX8GT Euclidisms is still a relatively new tool with plenty of untapped potential.

While the device is setup on MIDI tracks, it provides various controls for Steps, Fills, and Shifts integral to Euclidean rhythm generation. By configuring these parameters, users can inject intricate and unique rhythmic patterns synchronized with their Ableton Live sessions, providing a diverse and dynamic rhythmic foundation for electronic compositions.

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‘Disable on Export 1.0’ by Vair is a resource-efficient device for Max4Live, tailored to provide intelligent control over plugins within Ableton Live. This device avoids unnecessary CPU usage by automatically disabling specified plugins when exporting your Ableton Live set, subsequently reactivating them during playback. This process ensures that unwanted plugin sounds do not infiltrate the final mix. It is especially useful for producers who frequently utilize multiple plugins, enabling them to streamline their workflow by selectively silencing certain plugins during export. The device is compatible with Live 12.05 and Max 8.6.2, and is available for free, fostering a communal approach to improvement and collaboration. Its latest update from June 27, 2024 provides necessary optimizations for seamless integration with Ableton Live sets. ‘Disable on Export 1.0’ has an extremely positive reception, as demonstrated by its five-star user rating.

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The ESX8GT Grids Mac 1.0 is a Max4Live audio effect device which emulates the topographic drum sequencer module from Mutable Instruments, offering users the ability to generate intricate drum patterns in Ableton Live sessions. It’s built to integrate with live version 12.0.5 with Max 8.6.2. At its core, the ESX8GT Grids takes a hardware device, the Expert Sleepers ES-5 & ESX-8GT Expander, and interfaces it with Ableton Live, creating a symbiosis between software and hardware.

This move integrates the modular aspect of drum sequencing, allowing users to generate dynamic and organic percussive textures. The ESX8GT Grids enables performers to control rhythmic structures, emphasizing the element of controlled rhythmic chaos. Furthermore, the ESX8GT Grids can automate parameters or be combined with a Max4Live LFO to provide further sonic exploration.

For compatibility, the device requires users to switch off drift correction when using an ES8/9 as an aggregate device. Furthermore, users must add the es*encoder~ externals to Max, which can be installed at Users/Shared/Max 8/Library/ on Mac.

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The invaluable aspect of ESX8GT Grids is its ability to mold hardware mechanics into software proficiency, offering a unique approach to drum sequencing that fosters innovation in rhythm production.

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The ESX8GT CLIKTØ Mac 1.0, a new addition to bhenry1790’s collection of audio effect devices, is specifically designed for Apple Silicon and integrates with Max4Live. It acts as a complex sequencer, offering eight clock dividers for creating sequences up to 64 steps long. The utility, which requires Expert Sleepers ES expanders, encourages users to personally manipulate mutes and dynamic clock divisions using LFOs or expression lanes, injecting rhythmical variability into a composition. Users can further manage the sequence’s rhythm by nudging it forward or backward. The ESX8GT CLIKTØ is compatible with modular setups in the digital domain and accommodates other elements controlled via the external knobs and buttons of the ES expander. It can be fully integrated with the Ableton Live workflow with the es*encoder~ externals loaded into Max. However, when combined with an ES8/9 as an aggregate device, the drift correction must be switched off. The device runs on Live version 12.0.5 and Max version 8.6.2 and is available for download from the MaxForLive online library.

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The ESX8CV Helper Mac 1.0 is a digital audio utility designed to facilitate controlling modular synths through Ableton Live’s Max4Live functionality. Created by bhenry1790, the utility allows control over outputs of Expert Sleepers ES-5 and ESX-8CV expanders, hardware devices that convert digital signals into control voltage – this permits seamless integration of modular synths into the digital music production process within Ableton.

The utility is equipped with eight dedicated knobs to control the outputs of the ESX-8CV, simplifying and providing flexibility in the integration process. This advantage is especially noticeable when mapping MIDI LFO or Envelopes to the knobs, providing real-time control and versatile modulations. Moreover, the ESX8CV Helper Mac 1.0 is formatted to be completely compatible with Apple Silicon Macs.

Lastly, the utility is compatible with Push Banks which enables tactile control and easier access to different parameters. While it’s designed for a specific hardware setup, it presents a significant link between analog and digital music production, fostering hybrid music creation in Ableton Live.

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The ESX8GT Track Helper is a Max4Live device developed by bhenry1790, designed to interface Ableton Live’s CV Tools with Expert Sleeper’s hardware modules, primarily the ES-5 & ESX-8GT expanders. Key features of this device include its capability to convert digital CV signals into analog gate outputs, and its versatility in offering alternative routing techniques.

The device allows for the creation of gates from drum audio transients, opening up a new realm of rhythmic possibilities for polyrhythmic producers. The set up requires the creation of eight audio tracks on your DAW, dropping the ESX8GT Track Helper onto the group’s master track, and selecting your ES-5 stereo pair and desired ESX-8GT header.

The device needs two crucial “es*encoder~” externals added to your Max setup, available from the Expert Sleepers downloads page. It’s also compatible with Live version 12.0.5 and Max version 8.6.2.

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AbleLoop – Live Looper is a Max4Live MIDI transformation device designed for use with Ableton Live. Created by toler1305, this device features unique capabilities such as Auto BPM function, No Hands Control, and Fast & Flexible Input Switching, allowing users to craft live loops effortlessly during performances and studio sessions. Auto BPM sets the session tempo via the first recorded loop, while No Hands Control facilitates loop creation and control without excessive mouse or keyboard use. Fast & Flexible Input Switching provides quick changes in melody lines, enhancing live performances.

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Additionally, AbleLoop includes innovative features like ‘Saved Bands’, which lets users store custom sets of presets and preload instruments into memory for fast access. The device dissociates loop slots from particular tracks, enabling users to map these to pads on MIDI controllers like Launchpad X and Push. It also comes with 25+ sampled instruments from AbleTunes and Brian Funk. AbleLoop has compatibility with Ableton Live version 11.0.0 and Max version 8.6.2, boasting advanced MIDI mapping, real-time looping, and dynamic effects switching.

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Wave Folder 4.0 is a Max4Live device designed for Ableton Live suite, created by Ableton Live developer community member, Akihiko Matsumoto. This software device draws upon West Coast synthesis techniques, primarily the wave folding technique, to allow musicians to generate complex and harmonically rich sound outputs. This technique modifies waveforms by folding the input audio signal onto itself, resulting in diverse sound outcomes varying from gentle, organ tones to harsh, metallic pitches.

However, what sets Wave Folder 4.0 apart is its unique Bias feature. This feature permits asymmetrical folding on both ends of the audio signal, thereby enabling musicians to shape their sound output in real-time. Furthermore, this feature enhances the range of tonal variations that can be achieved, bringing in a dynamic quality to sound design.

Wave Folder 4.0 also features independent processing for the left and right channels, allowing for more complex soundscapes and a surround sound experience. The software is compatible with Live version 12.0.5 and Max version 8.6.2, ensuring seamless integration into the existing setup and simple interface usage.

This Max4Live device was made available on June 27, 2024, and has been downloaded five times since then. While official ratings have not been stated yet, the unique capabilities of Wave Folder 4.0 speak for their merit.

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The ESX8GT Clock Out Mac 1.0 is a complex Max4Live device designed to expand Ableton Live’s interface and significantly improve synchronization with modular gear. It manipulates Ableton Live’s CV Clock Out to be suitable for the Expert Sleepers ES-5 Expander and ESX-8GT modules. By configuring the ES-5 Output and assigning Clock & Transport to specified 1/8″ jacks, this device allows the physical hardware clock to synchronize perfectly with Ableton Live’s digital environment. It’s crucial to add the es*encoder~ externals to Max, which are available for download on the Expert Sleepers website. Any users with ES8 or ES9 using it as an aggregate device are advised to disable the DRIFT CORRECTION feature. The ESX8GT Clock Out Mac 1.0 is updated for Apple Silicon, making it especially beneficial for Apple users. Despite being released in June 2024, this device has not required any further updates, emphasizing its reliable functionality.

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