Max4Live News for June 21th 2024

The Kick Bass 3.0 by Akihiko Matsumoto is a monophonic synthesizer Max4Live device for Ableton Live. Developed for kick and bass production, it offers three wave processing modes for expanded harmonic outputs and low-end sound moulding. It integrates a user-friendly interface, enabling easy navigation through its features. This device uses a unique synthesis method, producing powerful frequencies critical for bass music production. The Kick Bass 3.0 is compatible with Ableton Live version 12.0.5 and Max version 8.6.2. Its commercial license ensures professional quality for studio and live performances.

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“Weird Swing 1.0” is a Max4Live device designed by Stev. It serves as a MIDI transformation tool that extends rhythm production capabilities in Ableton Live. This tool moves beyond conventional swing algorithms, allowing for dynamic flexing and squashing of MIDI sequences between user-defined “Swing Anchors.” Swing Anchors can be established with an array of polymetric, polyrhythmic, or tuplet values, facilitating the creation of idiosyncratic rhythms.

The key highlight of “Weird Swing 1.0” is its two distinct swing modes: ‘Linear’ and ‘Curve.’ The Linear mode adjusts notes towards the nearest beat division directly, while Curve mode applies a modulated transformation that moves certain notes more than others depending on their position between the anchors.

The device provides easy swing manipulation through an intuitive interface featuring Swing Anchor parameter controls. Furthermore, the tool doesn’t just affect the off-beat notes but all notes between its anchors, enabling an intriguing variety of stretched and squashed rhythm generation. While it’s optimized for Ableton Live 12.0.5 and Max version 8.6.2 environments, it’s also versatile enough for experimentation in various software setups.

The device’s homepage is, where more details can be found. Comprehensive examples of usage are provided within the blog post, including creating a polyrhythmic effect with the Swing Anchors, and applying and adjusting swing amounts for unconventional rhythmic patterns.

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NOISEgen 1.0 is a Max4Live audio effect device developed by SillyFryTools. It is a noise generator that integrates with Ableton Live and primarily generates pink and white noise, which can add atmospheric ambience or rhythmic percussive elements to music tracks. It also features a mute button which serves as a central control for activating the noise generation.

The device is designed to operate with Ableton Live version 12.0.5 and Max version 8.6.2, ensuring wide compatibility. Released on June 21, 2024, NOISEgen is commercially licensed, allowing professional music producers to integrate it into their studio work.

The software is simple to use. In an Ableton Live session, NOISEgen is located with other Max4Live devices and can be easily dragged into an audio track. The device is defaulted as mute, which prevents spontaneous generation of noise. The user can choose between pink and white noise as per the required sound texture. The mute button on the device can be automated for integration of noise into transitions within your track. The noise volume can be experimented with for desired effects, and with effects like reverb, delay, or filters, it can create enticing textures and ambiances.

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Session Clips 1.0 is a Max4Live audio device by Killihu, designed to enhance audio production using Ableton Live. It addresses the disconnection between Session and Arrangement Views, streamlining the clip management within the two views. The tool offers a simple, floating window that displays all session clips from a selected track, allowing for precise and swift moving of these clips into the arrangement view. The device eliminates the need to switch constantly between the session and arrangement view, improving the workflow and clip organization. Built for compatibility with Ableton Live version 11.3.21 and Max version 8.5.6, Session Clips 1.0 serves as a bridge between improvisational energy and narrative precision of Ableton Live’s capabilities.

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“Kula Cafe 1.0” is an audio effect plugin developed by kulacafe for Ableton Live. This device is designed to alter audio in a manner that mimics the process of a barista crafting coffee, adding unique textures and flavors to any audio signal. It operates smoothly within Ableton Live version 12.0.5 and Max version 8.6.2 and integrates seamlessly with your digital audio workstation setup. The plugin provides a richly immersive audio modification experience, transforming any sound into an intricate blend of acoustics.

The device houses multiple control parameters such as ‘Ambience’, ‘Texture’, ‘Steam’, ‘Brew’ and ‘Blend’, each serving to emulate elements of a typical cafe ambiance. The ‘Ambience’ component deals with background sounds, ‘Texture’ adds graininess, ‘Steam’ produces an airy quality, and ‘Brew’ adjustments impact the overall sound strength while ‘Blend’ offers the option to mix the dry melody with the introduced ambiance. Flexibility in manipulating these settings opens the doors to a broad range of audio production possibilities.

The ‘Kula Cafe 1.0’ plugin does not feature any recorded updates or downloads post its launch on June 21, 2024, but retains the potential to offer dynamic auditory effects. Layering the audio with these ambient features can transform a simplistic melody into a multifaceted soundscape, allowing users to create their distinctive and immersive soundscapes.

This Ableton Live plugin eco-system could be further enriched by introducing MIDI controller and synth sequencer coordination, easing the amendment of ‘Kula Cafe 1.0’ parameters in real-time. Automated LFO modulation can contribute additional depth and rhythm to the layered sounds while integrating sound processing hardware could widen the scope of available sound textures.

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Piepie 1.0 is an original audio effect developed by cryptopie for Max4Live, a platform that runs on Ableton Live 12.0.5 and Max 8.6.2. This software tool meshes financial technology with audio experimentation, offering a unique approach to sound processing. Using a user-friendly interface, it deploys a method of modulation that diverges from standard parametric tables and embraces an innovative fin-tech equivalent approach within sound processing. The piepie 1.0’s major characteristic is its ability to break conventional sound processing boundaries, mirroring the disruption related to digital cryptocurrencies in the financial sphere. The software also provides a unique touch to every sound beat and note, dressing it with a modern ‘fin-tech’ influence. The audio effect software was launched on June 20, 2024, and is available without any subsequent updates or licenses, championing its one-of-a-kind proposition in the crowded audio devices market.

The piepie 1.0 offers multiple controls, with each serving a distinct function. The ‘IntensePie’ control, for example, lets users regulate the effect’s depth, while the ‘SliceRate’ knob enables users to dictate the speed at which the effect modulates their sound. The ‘Mix’ knob blends the processed signal with the original sound, enabling users to find a balance that suits their needs. More advanced options, such as the ‘Fluctuation’ knob, introduce modulation in the amplitude of the audio signal, giving a more organic effect to sounds. Other settings like ‘Diversity’, ‘Market Depth’, and ‘Crash’ add layers of harmonic distortion, textual shifts, and abrupt chaos to the signal, respectively. These thus facilitate a broad range of effects, from controllable oscillations to orchestrated mayhem. With the ‘Investment’ parameter, users can decide how much of their “sonic portfolio” to expose to the software’s processing.

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