Eurorack News for June 21th 2024

The DE-7 Sleeper Awakes is a 12HP dual-channel lo-fi sampler eurorack module designed by Djupviks Elektronik. Built on the ISD1820 IC technology previously used in answering machines, the device produces a unique sound signature. It includes a mixer for combining dry inputs and sampler outputs and offers cross-modulation between its two channels, which can be interrupted by simply inserting a cable into the CV input jack.

Each channel offers a pitch control knob with a devoted CV attenuator and a switchable filter offering low-pass and high-pass options. The trigger inputs, used for recording and playback functions, require a +5V gate signal to operate. The unit features an electromagnetic stereo pickup made of inductors, capable of picking up noises from electrical devices.

The DE-7 promotes experimental sound design possibilities, appreciated by both seasoned electronic musicians and beginners. It also provides extensive functionality via its controls such as the dedicated trigger inputs, pitch control knobs, CV attenuators, and its exclusive electromagnetic pickup.

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