Max4Live News for June 16th 2024

The OSC MIDI Mapping Tool 1.07 developed by UnaVisionAgradable is a Max4Live MIDI Effect designed primarily for Ableton Live users with Push 3 SA. This utility functions as a solution to solve MIDI and OSC mapping hurdles, offering ultra-fast mapping of CC or OSC values within hardware control. Users can store the mapped files within folders in the Push 3 SA, diminishing the risk of losing important mappings between sessions and streamlining the recording process. The tool delivers significant benefits to a user’s workflow and offers the ability to control parameters, such as volume and panning, in a semi-automated manner. Besides, it is equipped with parameter animation recorders, providing hands-on control over various parameters and facilitating the creation of tracks with a single press of a button. While its PC-only functionality is somewhat restrained currently, future updates and enhancements are expected. The package also includes a manual and a ready-to-use TouchOSC template for convenient and user-friendly OSC control. The Push 3 OSC MIDI Mapping Tool is commercially licensable and ideal for music production and live performances.

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The Hardwave Arpeggiator 3.0, a Max4Live MIDI device developed by Akihiko Matsumoto, functions as an advanced arpeggiator for Ableton Live. Unique to this plugin is its ability to transform chord inputs into dynamic, rhythm-oriented patterns rather than simple up or down arpeggios. Key features include step-specific duration adjustments, allowing detailed control over the rhythm of the resulting arpeggio. It is optimized for compatibility with Ableton Live Version 12.0.5 and Max Version 8.6.2, ensuring seamless operation within these softwares. Current experimental usage suggests that the Hardwave Arpeggiator holds significant potential in electronic music composition, although it is a recent addition to the Max4Live MIDI device suite and has yet to be extensively reviewed. Notably, it’s a commercial product available for purchase via the developer’s website.

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The “Parameter Random Sequence Generator 1.0” is a Max4Live software device developed by offthesky. It integrates random sequence generation into Ableton Live’s MIDI-based music creation process. This device triggers a pattern change with each MIDI note input, while also providing ‘note probability’ and ‘step probability’ controls, enabling users to dictate the randomness of these changes. Furthermore, the device’s audio variant brings another dimension to sound creation, using the volume input of each note to determine pattern changes. The device is compatible with Ableton Live 11.3 and Max 8.1.5, ensuring its utility across a wide range of music production setups.

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The KLYD-1 Euclidean Sequencer 1.0 is a MIDI device designed for use within Ableton Live software. Authored by Nandoscheffer, this Max4Live tool allows the generation of complex rhythmic patterns via the implementation of Euclidean sequences. The sequencer proffers a total of four independent note lines, with isolating capabilities, customization of the number of steps per row, control over note density, and root note probability.

In addition, the sequencer furnishes control over the range of octaves in midi lines, a speed and grid-adjustment feature, and a swing adjustment option that accommodates dynamic compositions. The KLYD-1 sequencer is compatible with Ableton Live 12.0.5 and Max 8.6.2. It integrates 21 different scale options, velocity randomization, and extra features such as reset and melody option buttons.

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The Max4Live device, Multi Parameter Map 1.0, is a versatile tool designed for complex MIDI mapping in Ableton Live. Ranging from 2021 to 2023, this software tool allows for intricate parameter control and device integration within the Ableton environment. With both audio and MIDI variants, it leverages greater flexibility to a wide range of music production tasks.

The software’s core functionality allows extensive manipulation of the parameter map through MIDI CC. It provides a ‘-1’ code to turn off the map control while other numbers can represent the CC of your choice. A unique feature, the ‘cc in’, lets users modify the values of the mapper via MIDI CC, enhancing customization and creative control.

Multi Parameter Map 1.0 integrates seamlessly with Ableton Live 11.3 and Max 8.1.5, allowing users to optimize their hybrid setup. Despite its age, the software demonstrates its longevity and utility with a high demand evident from its 74 downloads on the day of its inclusion, June 09, 2024.

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In addition to its core functionality, the software enriches music creation with its capability to map multiple parameters, automate tasks and control hardware via MIDI, demonstrating its essential role in music production. As it’s available for free, it is an attractive choice for budget-conscious producers seeking to enhance their MIDI mapping capability.

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The MaxForLive device AHHRI 1.0, developed by Anri Kunitake, is an unconventional wavetable synthesizer that provides a vast array of unique sonic possibilities. Unlike traditional wavetable synthesizers which rely on a singular knob for wavetable deformation, AHHRI operates through three independent knobs, each offering 128 positions. This results in a stunning total of 16,384 varying and idiosyncratic wavetables.

The device includes dual oscillators that contribute to the creation of intricate and
progressive sound colors. AHHRI is also armed with a comprehensive filter capable of
modifying high, band, and low pass frequency characteristics of the sound. This is coupled with an amp envelope to serve complete control over sonic production and blend.

A distinctive attribute of AHHRI is its polyphonic modulation equipped with a four-source matrix, capable of generating a broad spectrum of sound effects further augmenting the wavetable potentials. This combination results in a fertile environment for abstract musical exploration, ideal for both professional sound designers or novice musicians delving into electronic music creation.

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The Grossifier Distortion 1.0 is a comprehensive Ableton Live audio device developed by offthesky as part of the Max4Live plugin suite. This device enables users to introduce ring mod distortion to their sound design. Simple to operate, it provides an array of parameters that can be modulated with LFOs.

This audio effect facilitates aggressive, edgy, and distinctive soundscapes. By chaining 2-3 instances of the Grossifier Distortion with varying LFO-modulated parameters, users can create complex and unique sonic variations. The device is compatible with Ableton Live 11.3 and Max 8.1.5.

An attribution share-alike license allows unrestricted creative use and encourages collaborative growth. The Grossifier Distortion is yet to receive user ratings, indicating that it holds a unique niche within the music production industry.

The device encourages sound experimentation and offers a chance to delve into distorted soundscapes. It is an ideal tool for sound designers and experimental musicians who are intent on traversing beyond conventional sound textures.

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The Midi CC Conversion Utility 1.0, developed by offthesky, is a Max4Live device designed to enhance music production workflow in Ableton Live by allowing users to convert and consequently control multiple MIDI CCs simultaneously. As a MIDI Effect, it simplifies the management of MIDI CCs, especially during live performances, promoting real-time adjustments and swift adaptations to dynamic performance conditions. This utility can be effortlessly integrated with Ableton Live; by inputting CCs, they can be readily mapped to any adjustable parameters within the session. With a user-friendly interface, it enables even beginners to quickly understand and use the device without compromising on functionality. One significant feature is that this device is freely available, in adherence with the open-source ethos of the Ableton community.

How it works: Connect your MIDI controller to your system and ensure it communicates with Ableton Live. Drag the Midi CC Conversion Utility to a MIDI track, input the CCs you wish to convert (the ‘Input CC’) and the new CC (the ‘Output CC’) you want to control. Now, your MIDI controller should transmit the adjusted CCs. This tool doesn’t just offer performance solutions, it also allows a seamless studio workflow as it can reconfigure incoming CC signals from diverse equipment, enabling you to readily incorporate such equipment into your Ableton Live workflow.

This robust tool allows you to amplify your control over Ableton Live, customizing your session to suit your specific requirements without extensive hardware adjustments or manual remapping. To utilize it, simply download it from the MaxForLive website. It’s about expanding your possibilities, creating new soundscapes, and finding innovative ways to express yourself musically.

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Niedd’s bdly 1.1 is a Max4Live device designed for use in Ableton Live, providing a unique bouncing ball delay effect. This device offers a variety of complex features including Pre Width, Inv. LR, Time Section, Ping Pong Section, and SWAP function. The Pre Width feature sets a configurable stereo configuration, while the Inv. LR function allows for inversion of the left and right audio channels. The Time Section aids in defining the bounce delay time, while Ping Pong Section regulates the bounce delay’s travel distance between left and right speakers. The SWAP function enables swapping of the left and right channels’ delay patterns, adding another layer of diversity to the sound mix. The device’s recent upgrade fixed issues connected to the recall function. Bdly 1.1 can be downloaded from library for free.

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Touch Me 2 by Elisabeth Homeland is an innovative Max4Live audio effect device developed for integration within Ableton Live 12.0.5 and Max 8.6.2. This tool revolutionizes the process of MIDI mapping by enabling dynamic assignment of controls to parameters. Users can activate the “Learn” function and adjust a knob or fader on their controller to assign a control. Unlike conventional MIDI mapping, this reduces interruptions and enhances workflow. It is especially useful for automation, as users don’t need to repeatedly map parameters. So far, this device has seen no updates since its release on June 13, 2024. The device is gaining traction and attention due to its promising potential for streamlining music production. Detailed information and downloads are available on Isotonik Studios’ website and

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The Midi Note Generator 1.0 by offthesky is a Max4Live MIDI Effect device that releases a sequence of MIDI notes into an Ableton Live session. The user can define the sequence traits, including length, probability, speed, and rate, allowing varying outcomes. This accompanies creativity in different areas, such as sound installations, art initiatives, or music ventures. The device supplies an included .als project for Ableton Live 11.3 and Max 8.1.5 environments to exhibit its potential. It also supports auto-running projects beneficial for art exhibitions. Despite its vintage status and limited downloads, this steadfast companion remains a useful tool for creators exploring generative music’s expansive landscapes.

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The SlipnSlider – Random Parameter Fader 1.0 is a Max4Live MIDI effect for Ableton Live. This unique device, created by offthesky for experimental music producers, allows an artist to automatically fade in and out between mapped parameters in their Ableton Live session. This adds an element of randomness and dynamic unpredictability to the audio output. Up to eight parameters can be mapped to the SlipnSlider, which will then gradually and randomly transition between them one at a time. The device is especially useful for generative and experimental music production as it creates an ongoing evolution of sound rather than a static audio experience. It can be effectively employed to control effect racks, where minor adjustments can significantly change the output. The SlipnSlider remains relevant and stable even after its creation sometime between 2021 to 2023 and is compatible with Ableton Live 11.3 and Max 8.1.5. It is available for download at

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The ‘Knobs to Midi CC Utility 1.0’ is a device developed by offthesky for Ableton Live to facilitate music production and is available as a free utility on It provides 12 customizable knobs that can be allocated to output MIDI continuous controller (CC) messages, allowing dynamic control over parameters such as tempo and track volume. The device is simplistic yet efficient, maintaining relevance years after its creation due to its enduring design. It integrates smoothly with Live 11.3 and Max 8.1.5, making the user experience seamless and hassle-free.

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Designed for creative expression beyond conventional paradigms, its intuitive design allows musicians to evolve with every piece. Its free accessibility makes it a highly recommended tool for those seeking to expand their MIDI control toolkit, offering a practical interface for crafting experimental and generative music.

It provides real-time control over your digital environment, perfect for adding an improvisational touch or automating changes over time to maintain dynamic and engaging performance. It can be used effectively for live set performances by automating and mapping output to command parameters in samplers, drum machines, or any MIDI-controllable effect.

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Randomizer x8 1.0 is a Max4Live device developed by offthesky as part of the “muse concrete sketch series”. It is capable of introducing an element of unpredictability to Ableton Live music production through its eight mappers that can randomize a wide range of parameters. Control of these mappers can come from a variety of sources including time signature sync with Ableton’s transport, MIDI note inputs, or an audio threshold. The latter feature allows for dynamic interaction between the sound source and the resulting modulation. Originating between 2021 and 2023, the device remains compatible with Ableton Live 11.3 and Max 8.1.5. It provides many usage examples and is available for free download.

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The OktoPush THREE 1.0 by IsotonikStudios is a groundbreaking MaxforLive device, designed to enhance the Ableton Push 3 experience. This innovative device serves as a comprehensive performance template for the Push 3, compatible with Ableton Live 11.0.5 and Max 8.6.2. It features code contributions from Sigabort and Effects Racks from PerforModule, encapsulating a diverse range of talents and ideas from these collaborators. Even in its early stages, it demonstrates potential for continual evolution and expansion of features.

As a principal audio effect, OktoPush THREE 1.0 can operate on the Ableton Push 3 in both standalone and integrated modes. Its unique design showcases the power of hardware integration in creative music production. This device is commercially licensed, reflecting IsotonikStudios’ commitment towards superior quality, commercially viable MaxforLive devices.

Ableton Push 3 users can familiarize themselves with OktoPush THREE 1.0’s capabilities by experimenting with various sections and parameters, creating and manipulating sound loops, and exploring included effects racks. With continued usage, this device can be seamlessly integrated into live performances and studio sessions.

Used in conjunction with the Push’s sequencer, OktoPush THREE 1.0 can trigger rhythmic variations, and its effects on tracks can be adjusted real-time during performances. By leveraging device chaining, it can also deliver unique effects to particular tracks.

Lastly, OktoPush THREE 1.0’s touch strip or pad controls can be used for modulating effects like delay feedback, reverb size, and granular effects density, thus creating an evolving backdrop for performances. The device also facilitates seamless transition between performance sections and can be used for controlling performance dynamics, such as track levels and sidechain effects.

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The Orange Phase Analyzer 2.2, developed by nandoscheffer, is an innovative audio effect tool for Ableton Live, powered by Max4Live. It helps to resolve frequency conflicts in audio production, specifically managing issues that arise from the interaction of kick and bass elements. The software provides a separate intensity adjustment for each spectrum and the master channel, giving producers fine-tuned control over their track’s spectrum.

The user-friendly interface includes reimagined Zoom and Position tools, allowing easy navigation of music’s phase information. This is supported by a new negative phase indicator which assists in identifying problems. The “Get Wave” feature simplifies channel comparison, improving workflow efficiency. Additional convenience is provided by a floatable window feature for multi-screen setups.

The Orange Phase Analyzer 2.2 integrates well with the latest versions of Ableton Live and Max, making it a highly compatible tool for modern music producers. While still new to the market, it promises to significantly simplify the process of phase adjustment, a common issue in music production.

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