Eurorack News for June 20th 2024

The Dual Channel Quantizer qTone by dnipro-modular is a Eurorack module designed to convert voltages into melodically robust notes. This 6 hp device can process outputs from various sources like sequencers, LFOs, or random sources with high precision. The device offers 16 user-defined scales which can be saved into memory, therefore facilitating effortless modification of soundscapes.

The standout feature of the qTone is its dual-channel capability. Each channel can be independently programmed with its own scale or they can operate with a shared scale. The device allows for the modification of parameters such as Scale, Glide, Offset, and Transpose – all altering the final melody.

The qTone also offers an arpeggio mode, converting triggers to arpeggios within a selected scale. Its interface with CV inputs is significant as it contains routable CV inputs accommodating any parameter within the CV menu, enhancing versatility. It operates with unipolar or bipolar signals, within the range of -5 to +5 volts.

To start using the qTone module, you simply need to send voltages from sources like LFOs, Random generators, or Sequencers into the quantizer. You can then connect the quantized output to your oscillator or synth voice. The Eurorack device provides creative possibilities by allowing you to alter the Glide, Offset, and Transpose parameters after saving custom scales. Furthermore, the qTone enables the production of captivating arpeggios through its Arpeggio mode.

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