Max4Live News for July 10th 2024

LoopMaker 1.0 is a Max for Live audio software plugin, developed by Loukas. It’s designed to enhance creative loop integration within Ableton Live, version 12.0.5. It’s also MacOS compatible up to version 13.5.2.

LoopMaker 1.0 excels in efficient organization of sound folders through keyword use, facilitating easy and quick locating of specific sounds. It exhibits the capability to generate up to 64 audio clips simultaneously across 8 tracks and scenes. This allows for intricate audio layering and texture development.

The software includes an auto-transpose feature, which automatically adjusts the tonality of audio clips to a selected key, thereby ensuring a harmonious composition. It also allows for dynamic changes in tonality of playing clips. LoopMaker has a feature for creating stack groups of preferred clips, providing further possibilities for motif repetition and thematic variations.

LoopMaker 1.0 features an intuitive user interface to facilitate focus on music production rather than the learning of complex software.

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