Max4Live News for July 07th 2024

The gd-cluster 1.0 by asteriskVT is an audio effect device designed specifically for the Ableton Live suite and operated in the Max4Live environment. Built on the Pluggo framework, gd-cluster generates dissonant tone clusters surrounding incoming audio to deliver a distinctive soundscape. It works autonomously, with no requirements for user intervention, thus establishing a seamless plug-and-listen experience.

The device’s uniqueness lies in its supremacy to augment the original sound rather than transforming it, adding complex tonal layers. The gd-cluster 1.0 doesn’t offer controls or interfaces, demonstrating its contribution to an effortless creative process.

Fully compatible with Ableton Live version 12.0.5 and Max version 8.6.2, gd-cluster 1.0 ensures accessibility for current music software users. As it remains updated in line with Ableton Live’s development, gd-cluster inspires sound designers to push their sonic limits.

Adding the gd-cluster 1.0 to a track introduces dense and dissonant tone clusters, enhancing depth and texture to the composition. Among its notable uses is its application in creating richer, ambient cluster effects by processing reverberated signals.

Finally, its integration into an Ableton Live set is as simple as a drag-and-drop action, after which the device operates in the background, augmenting the audio from a track without overpowering it. Therefore, the device drives the creative adventure into the world of dissonant sound production.

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