Eurorack News for June 29th 2024

The Bizarre Jezabel Mimosa 8 Mk2 is a dual triode tube saturator designed explicitly for the Eurorack platform. Built with a dual-channel configuration, it provides both warm tube saturation and precise control through discrete CV gain. This allows for nuanced introduction of tube saturation to each oscillator within a mix. The Mimosa 8 Mk2 also features CV mix/wet capabilities for a blend between saturated and unsaturated signals. Its integrated mono to stereo conversion feature further amplifies sonic prospects by transforming simple signals into rich stereo soundscapes. A versatile module, the Mimosa 8 Mk2 can be integrated into existing modular setups effortlessly with no requirement for drastic re-routing or signal chain modifications.

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The Befaco Pony VCF is a compact eurorack module that blends a Voltage Controlled Filter (VCF), Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA), and a mixer into a unified form. The module, aimed at those constrained by space, incorporates the versatile sound sculpting SSI2144 FATKEYS™ Chip, which mirrors the sound quality of classic transistor filters without the associated distortions. The chip, designed by Dave Rossum, contributes to the rich sound output of this module.

The Pony VCF comes with individual inputs for low-pass, band-pass, and high-pass filters and provides dedicated knobs for frequency, resonance, and volume control. The module’s mixer feature allows for the blending of different sound sources, enabling the creation of unique sounds and textures. A balance between the filter and untreated signals can be managed using a mix control.

The construction showcases Befaco’s commitment to build quality as the module is robust, easy to operate, and designed with user-friendly spacing between knobs and inputs for easier tweaking during performances.

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