Eurorack News for July 01th 2024

The Monsoon Matte Black Aluminum is an eurorack module that stems from Mutable’s celebrated Clouds granular module possessing similar functionality but with innovative additions. Manufactured by CalSynth, this device is housed within a matte black anodized aluminum panel enriched with all-metal pots and aluminum knobs.

It features LED-lit sliders taking the place of conventional knobs for four standard controls, providing immediate and precise visual feedback on parameters, beneficial for live performances. It grants individual CV-controllable options for four blend functions such as Wet/Dry, Stereo Spread, Feedback, and Reverb for in-depth sound designing.

In addition, the module supports alternate firmwares like Parasites, extending the spectrum of sound-construction capabilities. Designed for both studio work and live performances, the eurorack module encourages granular synthesis exploration and guarantees an intuitive user interface, robust build, and increased control options.

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The Pittsburgh Modular Local Parks Oscillator is a versatile Eurorack module designed for advanced waveform manipulation. It utilizes innovative wave shaping techniques to generate a diverse range of unique waveforms, paving the way for a multitude of sonic possibilities. Key functionalities include Pulse Width and Pulse Shift controls, which allow manipulation of the pulse waves in multiple dimensions, enhancing the overall harmonic content. The module features a Blade Wave function, a morphing saw wave that subtly alters its frequency and morphs its form to create a chorus-like effect. Additionally, it incorporates a Binary Logic waveform, which employs analog binary logic to generate a variety of sounds from rhythmic gate effects to harmonic, bell-like tones. A built-in voltage-controlled modulator wraps up the module’s robust feature set, providing primary modulation control in most situations. Overall, the Pittsburgh Modular Local Parks Oscillator is a compact, feature-rich tool ideal for synthesizing enthusiasts and experimental sound artists.

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The Ladik A-587 Octal Line-Out Module is an 8-channel hardware piece designed for efficient conversion of Eurorack levels to line levels. The module’s interface accommodates 3.5 mm jacks for seamless integration between modular synthesis and standard recording devices like mixers, consoles, digital audio interfaces, and other outboard gear. Crucially, each 3.5mm unbalanced jack converts Eurorack levels to 1/8″ line-level. The A-587 also boasts an individual indicator bar per channel that functions as an essential tool for tracking levels and preventing clipping with its peak-hold feature. Despite its comprehensive design, the Ladik A-587 maintains a compact footprint with a width of 8HP (or 40mm), a depth of 45mm, and a power consumption rate of up to 50mA.

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The DivKid-Manic Eurorack module, developed in collaboration between DivKid and Apollo View Modular, is an advanced 8HP unit designed for comprehensive manipulation of mono and stereo signals. It presents two independent channels, each providing precise linear VCA functionality with either unipolar or bipolar modes, enabling standard amplitude control or complex ring modulation.

Post VCA shape outputs provide further sound-shaping capabilities, with Shape1 delivering TanH soft clipping and Serge-style wavefolding and Shape2 introducing hard clipping with a Buchla-style wavefolder. These features allow for nuanced variation between the two channels, creating captivating stereo widening effects.

The DivKid-Manic module also processes CV signals effectively, underlining its flexibility and versatility in a modular setup. The inbuilt normalization features streamline mono to stereo operations, delivering an improved user experience.

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Its distinct Shape outputs, wide-ranging VCA functioning, coupled with the variable clipping and wavefolding offerings make this module a powerful addition to any Eurorack setup. Furthermore, its DC-coupled signal path accommodates both audio and CV signal operations.

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