Eurorack News for July 09th 2024

The AutoPilot 1U is an analog oscillator autotuner for Eurorack setups. It possesses the smallest autotuner size available for analog oscillators, ensuring efficient space use. The module syncs with your oscillator’s pitch control voltage and reference waveform to process and adjust audio pitches optimally. Originally offered as a dual version in a 3U format (4hp), the module is now available in a 1U Intellijel format version (6hp) for better integration into more compact Eurorack arrangements. Despite its reduced size, its performance and accurate functionality aren’t compromised, proving valuable across various Eurorack modules.

The AutoPilot 1U uses common A-note and C-note tuning scales (440 and 261.62 Hz, respectively), with a memory function that recalls your preferred scale on subsequent uses. The tuning process is intuitive and time-efficient: press a button after playing the reference note on your sequencer or CV keyboard, and the module aligns your oscillator’s pitch to the nearest semitone on your selected scale. This streamlined, precise pitch adjustment process sets the AutoPilot 1U apart from other tuners.

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