Eurorack News for July 07th 2024

The Happy Nerding 3XMIA is a versatile signal processing module designed for use within a Eurorack system. This 6-channel attenuverting mixer offers a range of functionalities including signal blending, offset, scaling, and polarization. Its compact 1U format allows for efficient use of space within a Eurorack setup.

The module is characterized by three pairs of attenuverting mixers, each pair controlled by concentric pots. This setup provides a variety of routing configurations suitable for the complex needs of modular synthesis. The design features small knobs for input attenuversion control and larger knobs for voltage offsetting, offering the ability for independent and simultaneous manipulation of these two parameters.

The channel-switching feature of the 3XMIA stands out for its flexibility, enabling swift toggling between mixing channels. This offers an array of signal routing possibilities. Additionally, the module is equipped with DC coupling, ensuring its compatibility with both audio modulation and CV manipulation.

Overall, the 3XMIA presents a sleek and highly adaptable design that can fulfill a variety of mixing and signal processing needs within a Eurorack environment.

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