Max4Live News for July 04th 2024

The Ultimate Click Track Generator for Ableton Live Sessions is a Max4Live device named EZ Click 0.5, developed by walrusmuse. It is a customisable and versatile tool that generates click tracks within the Ableton Live environment, aiding musicians in maintaining accurate timing during performances and recordings.

EZ Click 0.5 employs synthesized sounds like pulse, square wave, and sine wave, along with the option to incorporate custom samples via a drag-and-drop interface for creating the click sound. It has a short and precise envelope, providing clear rhythmic cues regardless of the sound source used.

The device offers multiple note values, introducing flexibility for different time signatures beyond the conventional 4/4. It contains large visual components that serve as cues, facilitating musicians to easily keep track during live performances, and hence is user-friendly.

Designed to run on Ableton Live version 12.0.10 and Max version 8.6.2, EZ Click 0.5 is an essential utility for composers and performance artists, marking an upgrade from the standard Ableton Live click track feature with consistent and fluid functionality.

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The sq07 is a monophonic 8-step sequencer designed for Ableton Live through Max4Live platform. Created by sound designer Tilman Ehrhorn, the software aims to push boundaries in music creation by blending control and randomness. Its uniqueness stems from the ability to assign individual pitch values and unique duration or subdivision to each step, moving away from traditional uniform sequencing.

In addition to rhythm and melody modification, the software also provides fade-in and fade-out effects for more expressive sequences. It also includes a ‘split’ feature for incorporating swing phrasing, adding a unique groove to your music. This flexibility enables a wide range of playback forms, from pauses and percussive stabs to sustained notes.

Sq07 comes with thorough documentation for both seasoned and novice electronic music producers. This ensures you’ll understand all its features and use them effectively in your music-making processes.

Finally, the sq07 sequencer is available for download, turning your Ableton Live setup into a more creative and flexible music production environment.

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“Simpler Plus 1.0 by OSTINSOLO is an advanced Max for Live audio device that enhances control over Ableton’s Simpler device. Offering superior sample manipulation, it enables you to manipulate the warping algorithms utilized by the Simpler Device. Its distinct feature is the mappable scroll of similar samples, allowing automated control over the next similar sample of your Simpler. This device can be extended to all Simplers in a project, on a specific track, or within an Audio Rack or Drum Rack. It is compatible with Ableton Live version 12.0.5 and Max version 8.6.2. It was designed by OSTINSOLO, a developer known for creating effective music production tools.”

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sq10 1.0 is a highly intuitive MIDI note generator for Ableton Live, developed by TilmanEhrhorn as a Max4Live device. This software tool allows for the manipulation of up to eight different notes in individual cycles, each with fully customizable parameters including pitch, velocity, length, and playback probability. One of sq10 1.0’s distinguishing features is the implementation of different loop lengths for each note, that can either be synced with Ableton’s grid or set independently. With this, users can create complex patterns of varying rhythmic structures. Furthermore, each loop’s start point and internal speed are fully adjustable.

sq10 1.0 also provides the option to fade in or out each loop individually, allowing the creation of evolving patterns and textures. The software tool is compatible with Ableton Live 11.3.25 and Max 8.5.8, making it suitable for a wide range of music producers. Its intuitive graphical user interface offers ease of use and adjustment for quick settings and randomization. The sq10 1.0 comes with comprehensive documentation and an accompanying video tutorial for the convenience of its users.

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Tilman Ehrhorn’s sq03 1.0 is a free 16-step MIDI generator for Ableton Live under the Max4Live category. Designed as a highly flexible tool for music production, sq03 allows for intricate MIDI generation and sequencing, providing a detailed and very controllable approach to designing soundscape elements.

The device features four distinct voices, each independently controllable in terms of pitch, length, velocity, and bespoke probability settings. This unique setup allows producers and sound designers to craft unique, unpredictable, yet controlled sequences. Furthermore, the sq03 offers the possibility to adjust timing within the sequences, adding a great deal of individuality and rhythmic nuance.

The timing manipulation capabilities support both user-defined tempos and syncing with your DAW, with the latter achieved through a grid-based note value functioning as the pulse. For expanded polyphonic capabilities, you can stack multiple instances of sq03, delivering a wide array of rich textures and layers.

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Though recently updated, sq03 is fully integrated with Ableton Live’s Help View, providing accessible and comprehensive guidance and documentation of the device’s features. Currently, the plugin doesn’t include any rating or update status info but offers thorough documentation and a demo video for exploration of capabilities.

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The “Best AI Book Writing Tools Useful For Authors 1.0” is a Max4Live MIDI Generator capable of streamlining the writing and music production process. The tool is developed by Double9books and uses intricate algorithms for idea generation, plot construction, and written language enhancement via natural language processing. It’s designed to support authors through every stage of writing, providing dialogue generation, coherence improvement, and genre-specific suggestions.

The MIDI Generator is compatible with Ableton Live 12.0.5 and Max 8.6.2. Released on July 4, 2024, it hasn’t experienced updates as of yet, marking it as a fresh addition to the musical toolkit. Despite its novelty and limited download record, it shows potential to revolutionize storytelling and musical compositions in Ableton.

Users can tailor the MIDI Generator to their needs by adjusting several parameters including key terms relating to the theme of their work. The outputted MIDI clips reflect the emotional depth or the feel referred to by the specified key terms. Therefore, artists can shape their musical compositions according to the narratives or scenes they want to create.

The plugin’s ‘Plot Twist’ feature adds random variations for more interesting results, while the ‘Character Development’ slider enables the user to adjust expressive timings and velocity variations. This device allows MIDI notes to be personalized, moved, duplicated, and transposed, introducing a wide scope for creative freedom.

Final output can be further layered with other musical elements or added to existing parts to create a unique melody. It thus serves as a tool that not only aids in overcoming creative blocks but also adds new dimensions to music and storytelling.

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The ABL-Series 1.0 is a Max4Live audio effect device developed by OSTINSOLO. This digital audio interface device interfaces Ableton Live Suite with Spotify, Soundcloud, Discord, and the Max for Live cloud, providing an open network for music creators to upload and download files across these platforms. Its seamless integration promotes community growth and enhances music collaboration by offering a direct channel between Ableton Live Suite and multiple online platforms.

The device is compatible with Live version 12.0.5 and Max version 8.6.2. It enables swift and smooth integration with several key platforms, providing the capacity to share music creations directly from the Ableton Live environment. One of its standout features is the ability to connect Ableton Live directly with Spotify, Soundcloud, Discord, and Max for Live cloud services, significantly streamlining the music production workflow.

The ABL-Series device does not directly process audio. However, its presence in the signal chain maintains awareness of available external tools, thereby enriching the creative ecosystem. Anticipated as an advancement in digital music production, the ABL-Series 1.0 is a potent tool for music creators, blending inspiration, collaboration, and productivity tools into Ableton Live’s capable platform.

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The sq04 1.0 Max4Live device is an 8-step monophonic sequencer developed by Tilman Ehrhorn. Each step within the sequence can have pitch, velocity, and event subdivision modifications. The sq04 1.0 enables users to achieve a wide range of rhythmic variations synchronized with Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) tempo. Unique modifications, such as step delay or acceleration and event fading, can be applied to create dynamic sequences.

A notable feature of the sq04 1.0 sequencer is the ability for random event triggering, bringing a level of unpredictability to the musical pattern generation. The sequencer modes allow progression modification of the sequence as well as real-time modification of sequence values, providing an interactive platform for pattern tweaking. Moreover, the device includes comprehensive built-in documentation accessible through Ableton Live’s Help View for user convenience.

As an early release in the Max4Live community, the sq04 1.0 sequencer bears potential for further exploration in terms of functionality and versatility. A dedicated non-commercial share-alike license promotes a collaborative user environment, making the device accessible to all artists keen on experimenting with it.

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The sq01 Monophonic Step Sequencer by Tilman Ehrhorn is a Max4Live MIDI device that works as a versatile rhythmic tool in the Ableton Live environment. This tool integrates with Ableton Live ver. 11.3.25 and Max version 8.5.8, allowing users to create intricate rhythms with ease, and even polyphony by enabling multiple instances of the device on the same track.

The sequencer features an innovative architecture for rhythm generation, combining simplicity with depth. Users can synchronize the sequencer with the tempo of their DAW or set an independent clock. The main pulse frequency can either sync with the DAW, or be defined independently. This pulse can be subdivided into different rhythmic segments, with each one able to be triggered individually.

Notably, the sq01 also includes a unique probability feature, where users can assign a likelihood for each event to occur. This probability can be manipulated at will, providing an extra layer of variation and complexity to the sequence.

In addition, the sequencer offers a user-friendly interface and detailed in-device documentation. It is also provided under the AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike license, making it fully accessible while maintaining a respect for copyright.

To further support its usage, the software includes detailed tutorials on complex rhythm creation, helping users explore its full potential. By offering high customization in pitch, velocity, note length, and event probability, the sq01 Monophonic Step Sequencer serves as a comprehensive tool for music producers.

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The sq06 1.0 is a sophisticated step sequencer device developed by Berlin-based musician and sound designer, TilmanEhrhorn, specifically designed for Ableton Live. The device is a powerful four-voice MIDI generator that challenges traditional modal sequencing by introducing advanced note composition parameters. Each of the four voices holds individual control of pitch and length values, facilitating intricate note arrangements. Each sequence event can also have tailor-made velocity values, opening possibilities for expressive nuances.

This advanced step sequencer goes beyond by offering an innovative feature: the grid decoupling from Ableton’s measure setting. It grants users the ability to alter grid values while the sequencer’s clock syncs constantly with Ableton, advocating creativity in rhythmic exploration. All this happens within the digital audio workstation (DAW), without compromising workload. Compatibility is achieved with Ableton Live, version 11.3.25, and Max version 8.5.8.

Further enhancing the user experience, the sq06 1.0 arranges its row layout to align with the DAW’s measure settings and provides visual feedback during navigation of note values, ensuring smooth interaction between the device and DAW. A certain level of expertise is required to fully utilize this advanced sequencing tool, but its potential to augment the creative process is impressive. More details can be referred from the source URL –

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The ‘nhacai33winmeuk 1.0’ is a unique Max4Live instrument, designed to replicate the authentic sounds of Vietnamese street life and local gambling culture. This digital tool offers users an array of unique, untouched soundscapes including the sounds of spinning coins, rustling lottery tickets and the ambient noises of Vietnam’s bustling streets.

The software is optimized for Ableton Live 12.0.5 and Max 8.6.2, providing a seamless user experience for these versions. Despite being relatively new and lacking in reviews or ratings, the ‘nhacai33winmeuk 1.0’ presents significant potential for adding ethnic textures to electronic music.

Any licensing details, updates or further information about the software can be sourced from the ‘nhacai33winmeuk 1.0’ page on the website.

The nhacai33winmeuk 1.0 device is not yet widely explored, offering rare and rich soundscapes for those seeking creativity and innovation in their music production.

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Iris Ipsum PitchBlur 1.0 is an audio processing device compatible with Ableton Live and Max. Developed by IrisS02, it combines FFT-based spectral multi-effects, spectral denoise, deharmonic filters, spectral blur, gate, and pitch shift capabilities to enhance sound manipulation. It separates the incoming sound into sine waves, processes them, and resynthesizes the results.

PitchBlur 1.0 uses variable FFT size allowing precise adjustments to sound quality. It also features a number of innovative functions such as spectral blur and shift for creating ambient textures or rhythmic elements.

It is backed by Ableton Live version 12.0.5 and Max version 8.6.2 and is available for download at IrisS02’s Gumroad page. Despite its recent release, PitchBlur 1.0 has shown robust potential for sound sculpting, making it a steadfast addition to a music producer’s toolkit.

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The ‘rr for roar’ is a Max4Live device developed by iftah. This device is an utility tool designed to work within the Ableton Live’s device chain, specifically integrated with Ableton’s Roar, allowing it to receive and respond to MIDI control. Once installed, users simply select their desired MIDI input and allow the ‘rr for roar’ to control Roar’s feedback note mode.

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This application extends Roar’s inherent capabilities, facilitating more dynamic audio structuring and providing real-time editing of Roar’s parameters during on-stage performances or studio productions. Released in 2024, its popularity is evident by its downloads, reflecting the desire for MIDI control within the Ableton Live user community.

To use ‘rr for roar’, users must create a new MIDI track where the device will be placed. They then load an instance of Roar, followed by ‘rr for roar’ on the same track, allowing it to automatically detect Roar’s presence. The MIDI input source is selected on the ‘rr for roar’ device interface. The user can then play the MIDI controller with ‘rr for roar’ sending these notes to the Roar device, enabling melodic expression by modulating Roar’s feedback note according to the MIDI notes played.

‘rr for roar’ is compatible with Ableton Live 12.0.5 and Max 8.6.2, providing a comprehensive utility tool for both studio engineers and live performers alike.

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The TilmanEhrhorn’s Max4Live device, sq02 1.0, is a monophonic sequencing tool adept at generating detailed rhythmic patterns. Through independent clocks or synchronization with Ableton Live, this device produces intricate sequences by utilizing subdivisions of the main pulse. Users can manipulate individual pitch and velocity for each event, providing diverse rhythmic outcomes. Additionally, sq02 1.0 allows sequence alteration, randomness elements inclusion, and sequence order changes, facilitating unique variations in monophonic lines. The device also features a global length and probability parameter, adding another dimension of control across the length and likelihood of note events in the sequence.

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The sq05 1.0 Euclidean Sequencer is a MIDI generator designed for Ableton Live and developed by TilmanEhrhorn. Containing two independent voices each containing up to 16 events, it allows for the creation of complex polyrhythms. Key features include pre-recorded sequences, randomization, counterpoint melodies, event rotation, and non-gridlocked tempo adjustments. Each step of an event can be manipulated independently for granular control on pitch, velocity, and note length. Additional abilities are sequence rotation, randomization feature, and intentional randomness for musical diversity and dynamism. Seamless integration with Ableton Live makes it a valuable tool for any electronic musician working within this digital audio workstation.

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Split Wizard Plus 1.0 by OSTINSOLO, a Max4Live device incorporated with Demucs v4 technology, is specialized for sophisticated audio dissection for users of Ableton Live Suite. The application segments pieces of audio into as many as six unique elements, with seven distinct models intended for various audio separation tasks. The Hybrid Transformer Demucs technology that powers it ensures superior separation quality. Alongside this, the application offers a solution for systems with limited GPU capacity through an innovative segment length adjustment feature, which processes sections of the audio independently to optimize performance. Other user-friendly aspects include a choice between rescale and clamp modes for audio clipping and the option to incrementally raise shifts to improve quality. Other impressive attributes include a drum processing feature, converting them into dynamic stems, and the inclusion of numerous models, each made for a specific use case, adding to the device’s versatility. The installation and operation processes of the Split Wizard Plus are straightforward and simple. However, this tool is only compatible with OSX systems/macOS 10.13 onwards and Windows 10/11.

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The sq09 1.0 is a software device specifically designed for Ableton Live and Max4Live. Created by TilmanEhrhorn, it functions as a random MIDI pattern generator that expands the music production potential of these platforms. This generator allows for sequences with up to 32 events, controllable pitch and velocity ranges, and variable note lengths. Users can specify individual loop sizes for pitch and velocity, enhancing musical accents and rhythmic shifts. Random pattern generation also introduces an unexpected element to music production. The sq09 1.0 is compatible with Ableton Live version 11.3.25 and Max version 8.5.8. Full documentation for sq09 can be accessed within the Max4Live device’s help view, and the device is available for download from TilmanEhrhorn’s Gumroad page.

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