Max4Live News for June 29th 2024

The SPD SX PRO LED COLOUR AUTOMATOR 1.0, created by AbletonKurse, is a MIDI effect device that enhances the functionality of the Roland SPD SX PRO by integrating LED color automation directly into Ableton Live. As a Max for Live device, it allows performers to provide a visual component during live performances, syncing LED colors with different musical phrases, or drum hits, providing a visual representation of changes in the music.

This cutting-edge tool offers compatibility with Ableton Live 12.0.5 and Max 8.6.2, presenting a user-friendly interface that allows even beginner Ableton users to navigate with ease. A detailed manual video is provided to further facilitate the device’s operation and its effective utilization.

In addition to live performances, the SPD SX PRO LED COLOUR AUTOMATOR 1.0 can be used in studio settings, serving as a practical visual aid during music production and recording sessions.

The device is presented as a commercial product which ensures its continuous updates for compatibility with future versions of Ableton Live and Max, as well as its continuous improvement for enhanced usability and efficiency.

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The ESX8CV LFOcto Mac 1.0 is a Max4Live device specifically designed for Mac OS users with Apple Silicon chips. Through a seamless integration with Ableton Live, it transforms Expert Sleepers ES and ESX-8CV modules into eight powerful low-frequency oscillators (LFOs). The device features flexible synchronization options, allowing the LFOs to run freely or sync to Ableton’s clock. Additionally, the ESX8CV LFOcto Mac 1.0 provides the capacity to spread the phase across all outputs or group them. This versatility proves useful for creative modulation, enriching the dynamics of music production.

The device works in harmony with ES8/9 in aggregate device contexts, aiding precise timing management by suggesting to disable drift correction. For optimal performance, it requires installation of es*encoder~ externals at the specified location on Mac, and compatibility with Live version 12.0.5 and Max version 8.6.2. Since its addition to the library in June 2024, it has accumulated 14 downloads and continues to serve as a tool for innovative hardware-software synergy in music production.

The ESX8CV LFOcto Mac 1.0 also significantly boosts ambient music production by providing evolving textures and subtleties to pad sounds. This procedure involves installing the correct es*encoder~ externals, adding the device to a MIDI track within the Ableton Live session, adjusting the rate and style of LFOs via the device interface, and assigning the designated LFOs to modulate parameters on the synth. It also allows for precise phase and synchronization adjustments, culminating in a dynamic, immersive, and constantly evolving soundscape.

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The ESX8CV Track Helper Mac 1.0 is a unique Max4Live audio effect developed by bhenry1790, designed to streamline the integration between Ableton Live, Expert Sleeper’s ES-5, ESX-8CV expanders, and modular gear. Focusing on simplifying the process of sending CV (Control Voltage) from Ableton’s CV Tools to modular equipment, this device offers compatibility with Apple Silicon hardware. In functionality, it encodes signals for the ESX-8CV expander, a process facilitated through specific configurations in Ableton Live.

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The device requires grouping eight audio tracks with NO INPUT and turned-on monitoring. The ESX8CV Track Helper is then added on the group’s master; following up with selecting an ES-5 stereo pair and ESX-8CV header. This setup allows routing of any incoming signal directly from the audio tracks to the relevant output jacks on your modular gear.

Essential for the functioning of the ESX8CV Track Helper is the ‘es*encoder~’ externals from Expert Sleeper’s official site. Once these are installed, the device enables a more seamless, efficient exchange between Ableton Live and the modular domain, opening up an entire realm of creative possibilities for both beginners and professionals.

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Husseini Jewels 1.0 is a unique Max4Live audio effect that offers a layered approach to sound manipulation. Despite its non-intuitive interface and striking name resemblance to an engagement ring catalog, it provides an array of complex parameters designed to enhance and transform audio materials.

The device is built with controls such as ‘Crystallize’, which adds shimmer to percussive sounds, and ‘Facet’, which adjusts the diffusion of effects, spreading audio elements across the stereo field. For depth, ‘Depth Charge’ allows subtle low-end enhancement, while ‘Carat Crush’ imparts a unique distortion for added texture.

Interestingly, Husseini Jewels 1.0 lacks a GUI, which makes it a conceptual device that focuses on sonic transformation rather than presenting visual controls. To understand the effect it brings to your audio material, you need to bypass the device and compare the before-after outcome, providing a hands-on experience of its enhancement capabilities.

In practical application, Husseini Jewels 1.0 offers radical timbral shifts and modulation potential, making it a well-rounded tool both for studio production and live performance. For maximum edge and intuitive experience, consider mapping its controls to a MIDI controller or Ableton Push.

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AbleLoop is a MIDI Transformation device developed by toler1305, designed for Ableton Live, functioning as a real-time control for live performances. Its features include independent mapping of loop slots to the pads on your MIDI controllers, Auto BPM for setting bpm with the first loop, and No Hands Control for keeping your focus on the performance. The device also offers flexibility for Instant MIDI Loop layering, advantageous for live music creation. AbleLoop includes a function that allows users to save presets in “Bands” which can be accessed quickly. Beyond the sleek design and the user-friendly interface, the software comes with over 25 preloaded instruments from renowned providers such as AbleTunes and Brian Funk. The tool is designed for Windows and runs separately from Ableton, providing an immersive live looping environment.

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The ESX8GT PolyGateSeq is a Max for Live device created by bhenry1790. This 8-channel gate sequencer provides an intuitive interface designed for crafting intricate rhythmic structures within modular equipment. It’s a digital tool that integrates efficiently with hardware, requiring Expert Sleepers Gate Expanders (either ES-5 or ESX- 8GT) and the addition of ‘es*encoder~’ externals to Max. The device enables manual control over the number of steps and clock division via a simple click-and-dial system. It is compatible with Apple Silicon processors and fine-tuned for Ableton Live’s integration with external modular gear. As of June 28, 2024, it is utilised with Live version 12.0.5 & Max version 8.6.2. The “DRIFT CORRECTION” function must be switched OFF for optimal functionality when using ES8/9 as an aggregate device. This device empowers composers to explore advanced rhythmic structuring and enables a smooth blend of Ableton Live with external modular gear.

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The ESX8CV octLFO Mac 1.0 is a Max4Live audio effect tailored for the integration of Expert Sleepers ES4/40 – ES5 & ESX – 8CV expanders in the Ableton Live interface. Authored by bhenry1790, the device serves as a gateway to unlock the potential of Expert Sleepers hardware, characterized by eight independent Low-Frequency Oscillators (LFOs), each offering synchronization to Ableton’s clock or free-run mode. These LFOs afford granular control of modular gear through a user-friendly interface. Compatibility is ensured with the inclusion of es*encoder~ externals, available for download on Expert Sleepers’ official website. The ESX8CV octLFO Mac 1.0 operates with Ableton Live version 12.0.5 and Max version 8.6.2, added to the Max4Live library on June 28, 2024.

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Weird Duration 1.0 is a cutting-edge Max4Live MIDI transformation device built by the innovator ‘stev’. This tool allows non-conventional MIDI note duration manipulation, providing opportunities for generating intricate polyrhythmic, polymetric, tuplet, and non-dyadic time values. The top section of the device’s interface includes unique modes, ‘Polyrhythm’ and ‘Decimal’. The ‘Polyrhythm’ mode allows customization of ‘Beat Unit’ and ‘Subdivision’ parameters, which can be adjusted and multiplied by the ‘# of Beats’ parameter. ‘Decimal’ mode enables the ‘# of Beats’ parameter to be multiplied with a decimal value, leading to complex non-dyadic note durations.

Weird Duration 1.0 has a ‘Duration Mode’ option with the settings ‘Fixed’ and ‘Rounded’. ‘Fixed’ mode sets uniform timing by designating all MIDI notes to the selected duration value. In contrast, ‘Rounded’ mode modifies note durations to the nearest multiple of the set duration value. Although the device requires Ableton Live 12+ and a commercial license for use, it is an invaluable tool for those seeking to explore MIDI transformation capabilities in their modern music production framework.

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The ESX8GT CV Instrument Mac 1.0 is a Max4Live tool designed by bhenry1790, that acts as a bridge for connecting Ableton Live with the realm of hardware sequencing. This application aids the operation of Expert Sleepers ES-5 Expander and ESX-8GT modules by providing facility to send gate or trigger signals directly from a Live session. Specifically built to run on machines equipped with Apple Silicon, this software requires the addition of es*encoder~ externals for functionality. It is compatible with latest versions of Live and Max, making it a valuable tool for music enthusiasts operating on Apple Silicon based systems wishing to integrate hardware sequencing into their projects. The device can be downloaded from Expert Sleepers’ website and It is advised that users turning the ES8/9 into an aggregate device should turn off DRIFT CORRECTION.

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The Video Speed Controller Chrome 1.0 is a software module developed for Ableton Live, specifically as a Max4Live device. This tool provides control over the speed of online video content from platforms like YouTube, Netflix, and Hotstar. It was intended for synchronisation of audio and visual output and optimizes for Ableton Live version 12.0.5 and Max version 8.6.2. It not only works in the Chrome browser but also in other popular browsers like Firefox, adding versatility to its application. This tool also houses real-time playback speed adjustment of internet videos directly inside Ableton Live, enhancing the live performance experience.

Example Usage: The Video Speed Controller Chrome 1.0 equips you with dynamic control over the video playback speed. This is achieved by automating the video speed changes in sync with your Ableton project through the Max4Live device. Once the Video Speed Controller Chrome extension is installed in your browser and the Max4Live device is loaded on a MIDI track in your Ableton Live project, you can create an automation envelope for the controller within a clip. This allows you to modify the speed at the start and end of a section to produce dramatic effects.

Advanced Feature: The Video Speed Controller Chrome 1.0 also provides a function to link the video speed changes with specific elements of the audio, presenting an advanced level of control over your projects.

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