Max4Live News for June 23th 2024

Devices Window 1.0 is a Max4Live audio effect device developed by OSTINSOLO for Ableton Live 12. It integrates the “Showdeviceslots” feature allowing easy selection and management of tracks and devices. It significantly improves the accessibility of larger projects by allowing users to control device parameters with minimal effort, such as a simple mouse click. It also features an option to temporarily turn off active devices by double-clicking, which proves effective in managing CPU usage. The device introduces two functional buttons; the “R” button and the “Monitor” button, for refreshing device lists and opening a duplicated floating Devices Window respectively. Despite its current low ratings and downloads, the Devices Window 1.0 holds significant potential in pushing the boundaries of workflow management in Ableton Live 12 towards a more streamlined music production process.

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Sample and Hold 1.0 is a modulating device designed for Ableton Live by finleguin for creating intricate musical variations in real time. This software works by mapping any modulator to its input and having a choice of triggering method, either a clock or an external MIDI source. This Sample and Hold 1.0 device excels in variability, offering random voltage control and time-based triggering, making it capable of generating an array of stuttering beats and unexpected melodic sequences. It is compatible with Live version 12.0.5 and Max version 8.6.2, which allows for usage across various versions without the necessity for upgrades or downgrades. This device allows users to control a diverse range of parameters, such as the delay time of a reverb, the sweep range of a filter, or the pitch shift of a harmonic oscillator. Sample and Hold 1.0 integrates flawlessly with Ableton Live, adding depth and individuality to your tracks with the infusion of modulated elements.

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The “Reduce MIDI Transformation 1.0.0” by h1data is a specific tool designed for Ableton Live 12 in the Max4Live environment. Its core functionality focuses on simplifying complex MIDI note patterns into more manageable ones, effectively decluttering the user’s workflow. The device employs an intelligent algorithm to filter out excessive and musically redundant notes, thereby simplifying the MIDI sequence. The control parameters include ‘Density’, adjusting the rate of note reduction, and ‘Velocity Sensitivity’, considering note velocity when pruning notes. Created on June 23, 2024, and based on the max version 8.6, this transformation tool has not yet been rated by users but holds substantial potential for innovation in MIDI sequencing.

Key features:
1. MIDI note reduction: Utilizes an intelligent algorithm to condense complex MIDI sequences.
2. Density control: Establishes how aggressively the device reduces notes.
3. Velocity sensitivity: Determines the weighting of note velocity when pruning notes.
4. Integration: Directly compatible with Ableton Live 12 as a Max4Live device.

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LWT – Reference 1.0 is an audio effect and referencing tool developed by LiveWorkflowTools. As a Max4Live device, it is designed to integrate effortlessly into Ableton Live systems. This tool allows quick and easy import of multiple reference tracks, supporting diverse formats such as MP3, FLAC, M4A, and WAV files. Its instant switching feature facilitates rapid comparison of the current mix with reference tracks. The plugin includes a Mono Toggle feature to ensure that mixes translate well across various playback systems by achieving mono compatibility. It also comes with a Solo Frequency Bands feature that isolates specific frequency ranges for detailed analysis. Being a native part of Ableton Live, this tool aids in precise adjustments and critical listening. LWT – Reference 1.0 is suitable for Live 12.0.5 and Max 8.6.2 and can augment mixing workflows through its user-friendly interface and robust design.

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