Max4Live News for June 22th 2024

The PAULA 1.94, developed by shrineshine, is a Max for Live instrument that closely emulates the PAULA sound chip of the popular Amiga A1200 hardware. This digital audio processing tool recreates the distinctive audio characteristics of the Amiga device, including its unique resampling, downsampling, and filter circuit modes. The instrument also mimics the A1200’s switchable LED filter, enabling downsampling options of ON, X2, or OFF. Furthermore, this tool features controls for stereo sampling, ADC/DAC character modulation, ADSR enveloping, and variable bitrate and bit scaling. Together, these elements allow for the creation of strikingly retro and nostalgia-inducing digital audio.

To fully experience the capabilities of the PAULA 1.94, it’s recommended to install the TAL-DAC VST3 software, as the ‘variable’ reconstruction filter of this tool complements the PAULA plugin perfectly, enhancing the overall audio fidelity. The PAULA 1.94 is compatible with Ableton Live 11.3.10 and Max 8.6.2 and is free to download and use, making it highly accessible to music producers across different skill levels and budgets.

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The OpOloop Filter Sequencer 1.0 is a commercial Max4Live device compatible with Ableton Live Version 11 and Max Version 8. It provides an innovative approach to audio manipulation and sound design with its unique assortment of features, including eight resonant bandpass filters, a built-in delay function, and an overdrive feature. The filters are sequenced over a bar or half-bar, offering dynamic rhythmic filtering effects and textural complexity. The device’s delayed feature expands the tonal potential, enabling the creation of echoing soundscapes that can be adjusted with dedicated Dry/Wet controls. For tone variation, the device features an overdrive function. OpOloop Filter Sequencer 1.0’s adaptability makes it suitable for various music styles, and its versatility extends to its usage in live performances, helping shape unique soundscapes.

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