Max4Live News for June 20th 2024

Decalage 0.1 is a MIDI effect device created by lucijan. It functions within the Ableton Live DAW and requires Max4Live to operate, thus it is solely software-based. Its purpose is to subtly slow down MIDI events, creating a phasing effect. The slowdown range is fractional, from 0% to 1%, and the current beats per minute (BPM) post-slowdown is automatically shown.

Decalage 0.1 includes a synchronization feature that resets the effect upon pressing ‘play’ in Ableton, matching up with the project’s timing. However, it intentionally drifts from sync as the track continues, causing a delay in MIDI events. While this makes it less suitable for live performances, it offers a unique tool for studio production. Furthermore, unlike traditional phaser effects which manipulate sound frequency, decalage directly alters the pace of MIDI events.

Compatible with Ableton Live 11 and Max version 8.6.2, Decalage 0.1 can be downloaded for free from the maxforlive online library. It was released on June 19, 2024, and has since been used by composers and producers for MIDI sequencing and modulation.

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The CopyProtectionTest Envelope Follower 1.0, developed by Max4Live creator 11olsen, is a unique audio effect device compatible with Ableton Live, specifically Live 12.0.5 and Max 8.6.2. Complex yet utilitarian, it combines an envelope follower, a tool that translates amplitude alterations into modifications in signal processing dynamics, with a robust copy protection framework.

The device requires users to unlock it upon initialization using a unique response key specific to the user’s system, effectively preserving its main patcher – the encoded programming of the device – from unauthorized usage.

This inventive approach to software protection parallels the necessity of preserving intellectual property rights in the digital music production landscape. Despite the device’s blooming development as of June 19, 2024, and having only a modest download count of 16, its impact on Max4Live optimized Ableton sessions does not go unnoticed.

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The Beat Splitter 1.0 is an innovative Max4Live audio effect tool for Ableton Live, powered by artificial intelligence. Designed to streamline the music production process, it eliminates the traditionally laborious task of manual stem separation. This tool provides efficient and precise beat splitting, enabling users to easily manipulate different components of audio tracks. The Beat Splitter’s intuitive interface is user-friendly irrespective of a user’s experience level, enhancing workflow and offering considerable assistance in technicalities of stem separation. The Beat Splitter 1.0 is compatible with Ableton Live Version 12.0.5 and Max Version 8.6.2. It delivers speed, efficiency, and reliability, allowing music producers to focus more on creativity and less on technical nuances.

The AI tool exhibits significant integration into the Ableton environment, naturally fitting into the music production workflow without introducing unwarranted complications. This synergistic harmony empowers producers to leverage their creativity and reduces hurdles in the production process. Its superior performance is reflected in its 5-star average rating, demonstrating high satisfaction within the Ableton user community.

The Beat Splitter also comes with a commercial license, accentuating its value for professional music producers. The creators offer reliable support to ensure users can fully exploit the software’s capabilities.

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The Max4Live devices are beneficial accessory tools for Ableton Live audio software. They offer extended accessibility, enable unique experimentation, and facilitate the creation of one-of-a-kind sounds. These devices play a significant role in ableton live’s framework by delivering advanced control over sound processing and signal processing. They unleash the potential to utilize specialized instruments like granular synthesizers or polyrhythmic arpeggiators. The Max4Live toolkit facilitates the reshaping of soundscapes, altering sound textures, and creating dynamic sonic patterns in Ableton Live.

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Fan Flutter 1.0 by TotallyNormalPlugins is an entertaining audio effect device for Ableton Live. Built with the Max 8.1.9 for Ableton Live 11, this device introduces a unique filter modulation effect referred to as “flutter”. It operates by varying the filter in an irregular pattern, like a fan’s blades, adding a sense of movement and variability to the sound. The features of Fan Flutter include amplitude modulation, low-frequency oscillator (LFO) modulation, and a range of adjustable parameters to customize the flutter effect.

In terms of its graphics, the device sports a playful fan-like visual interface, further reinforcing its humorous characteristics. It is designed to be easy to use and accessible even to those unfamiliar with such audio effects. The plugin was released on June 19, 2024, and since then, it has been downloaded 14 times, reflecting the interest it has sparked among Ableton users. Its license is free, so any Ableton user can easily incorporate it into their music production process.

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Split Wizard Plus 1.1 is a Max4Live audio effect designed for Ableton Live Suite that performs professional level audio manipulation utilizing Demucs v4, a high-powered source separation model. It enables separation of audio into up to six distinct components including drums, bass, vocals, among others. Installation is efficient and the tool features settings for GPU segment processing and audio clipping options. It provides seven models each designed for precise separation and optimized for different instruments, and the user can select the number of shifts in processing that influence quality and processing times. This innovative software is compatible with Windows 10/11 and OSX systems, offering cutting-edge stem separation technology, capability and flexibility for music producers and audio engineers.

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The KUBET77.amxd 1.0 is a Max4Live audio effect plugin for Ableton Live. With an ambiguous online presence linked to an online betting platform, the true functionality of the plugin is not specifically defined, encouraging Ableton users to experiment to discover its potential. Its compatibility has been confirmed with Live 12.0.5 and Max 8.6.2.

The plugin includes varied adjustable parameters that allow users to manipulate the incoming signal in real-time. While exact functionality remains undefined, the article provides examples of the plugin being used to create unique gating effects, suggesting its potential for sound modulation and texture generation. Incorporation of Ableton Live LFO MIDI devices and other modulation techniques could further extend its usability.

The KUBET77.amxd 1.0 plugin is available for download via the provided URL, and it is projected to be an innovative tool for Ableton users seeking fresh sound manipulation avenues.

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The “Push 3 Preset Storer 1.0” by UnaVisionAgradable is hardware utility designed to enable seamless storage and recall of up to 20 sonic configurations (comprising beats, instruments, effects, parameter settings, track volume and panning) in Ableton Live, thus simplifying the complexities associated with manual adjustments in music production. This audio effect device, which is designed for integration with the Push 3 Standalone, ensures meticulous recording of device parameters on both midi and audio tracks. This convenient tool is also project-specific, allowing relevant presets to be automatically recalled when the corresponding project is reopened. Compatible with Live 12.0.5 and Max 8.6.2, the Push 3 Preset Storer 1.0 is commercially licensed and available for purchase on the UnaVisionAgradable website.

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