Max4Live News for June 19th 2024

The CamelPhat Wrapper 0.9, developed by Passoni, is a unique tool for Ableton Live users that revitalizes the highly esteemed CamelPhat plugin. This device offers a full graphical user interface similar to a native Ableton Live plugin and allows complete performance and functionality of the original CamelPhat plugin within Ableton Live.

This wrapper supports multiple operations such as clicking, mapping, automating, and compatibility with Push 2, enhancing the Ableton Live workflow. The device uses the VST version of the CamelPhat plugin, which typically brings more accurate parameter information compared to using Max4Live. However, users are required to have the original CamelPhat plugin installed on their system to utilize this wrapper.

The CamelPhat Wrapper 0.9 also comes with an Effect Rack preset with an XY pad, providing a convenient solution for users who prefer using XY pads. It has some known minor issues involving the BP Filter link section, yet the producer ensures regular updates and committed support for the continued improvement of the device.

From a compatibility perspective, the device works with the Live version 12.0.5 and Max version 8.6.2. The device was initially made available on June 15, 2024, and has seen updates on the same day, reflecting the developer’s dedication towards its enhancement.

To sum up, the CamelPhat Wrapper 0.9 reintroduces the lauded CamelPhat plugin to users in a more efficient and creative way, leveraging the Ableton Live environment to its full potential.

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The AE888 1.0 is a Max4Live device designed for Ableton Live 12.0.5 with the Max 8.6.2 update. It features a contemporary interface meant to cater to modern music producers. The AE888 1.0 is unique in its creative focus, offering unconventional sound-processing controls that mimic features typically found in the realm of sports betting and gaming.

The device encourages adventurous sound manipulation, requiring in-depth exploration from the user due to its lack of traditional labels, presets, and manual. It provides multiple modulation parameters controlled by an integrated Low-Frequency Oscillator (LFO) and a unique ‘Baccarat’ filter for frequency-based effects. When used effectively, the AE888 1.0 can generate evocative audio textures that enrich the overall sonic experience within the Ableton Live workspace.

Despite its peculiar presentation, the AE888 1.0 extends beyond traditional audio production norms, promising a novel approach to sound manipulation and texture generation, thus catering to experimental producers.

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The Triple-Gated Sequencer, coined as 3Seq 1.0, is a MIDI Effect device designed for Ableton Live, presenting an innovative approach to music sequencing. It allows users to configure three distinct gate sequencers sharing a common note bank of up to 32 notes. Each gate sequencer provides adjustable parameters, including steps, rate, and direction, promoting complex pattern and melody creation.

The unique feature of the device is the provision of three individual lanes for note output. These lanes define a set of gates that trigger notes, the note availability range, and the sequence of note playback. It also helps in assigning constraints for note duration and velocity, granting precision to musical expression.

Moreover, the “Out” feature simplifies the process of routing each lane to an instrument on the same track or different tracks with the aid of an included MIDI receiver. It’s important to note the necessity of picking appropriate gates for each zone, as no output will be generated without this selection.

Launched on June 16, 2024, the device has gained impressive reviews for its seamless integration with Ableton Live version 12.0.5 and Max version 8.6.2. Its creative sequencing functionality has pushed boundaries in conventional music sequencing, facilitating nuanced creativity in both studio and live performance contexts.

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ReOctave 1.0 is a MIDI transformer tool developed by Gross9978 for Ableton Live, designed to allow users to seamlessly shift the octave of notes within a MIDI clip. The intuitive interface provides clear and easily identifiable parameters to manipulate octaves without needing to navigate complex sub-menus or unnecessary features. It provides enhanced versatility by allowing alterations to notes within, above, or below a specified range, creating the potential for complex layering of sounds and resulting in harmonic variety. The tool is compatible with Ableton Live version 12.0.5 and Max version 8.6.2, is not restricted by any license, and can be downloaded and used immediately from the Max4Live library.

ReOctave 1.0 affords users a streamlined process for transforming simple melodies into intricate layers, and it can be applied in an array of use-cases, from creating basslines that dominate lower frequencies to constructing high-pitched melodies. Its primary functionality is to enable real-time transposition of selected notes within a specified range to inject dynamism and variation into musical arrangements.

In conjunction with other MIDI effects such as arppeggiators or chord generators, ReOctave 1.0 could result in surprisingly unique melodic renditions. Additionally, it’s suitable for use in both live performances and studio production setups, demonstrating its versatility. Despite its initial release in June 2024, there has been no need for updates, signifying its stability and immediate functionality.

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Glow4D 1.0 by tigrealmedli is an innovative audio effect device on Max4Live, specifically designed for Ableton Live version 12.0.5 and Max version 8.6.2. It offers extensive sound modulation and processing capabilities. The user interface is intuitive, streamlines, and organically navigable, designed to encourage user exploration.
The Glow4D 1.0 expands the production workflow of Ableton Live by enabling creative sound sculpting and generation of a range of audio effects. Its unique algorithmic functions allow for sound construction, deformation, and transformation, unlocking new audio possibilities. The device provides extensive customizable parameters for a personalized sound processing experience.
Glow4D 1.0 enables manipulation of several sound aspects including intensity, warmth, space, and a blend between processed and unprocessed signals. Various parameters such as ‘Size’, ‘Color’, ‘Luminance’, and ‘Glare’ enable the shaping of tonality, mixture of effect with original signal, and addition of harmonic content. ‘Shimmer’ controls enable rhythmic variation, while ‘Reflections’ section adds spatial depth. The ‘Diffuse’ parameter integrates echoes smoothly with the original signal.

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PreRoll by LDM Design 1.0, released exclusively through Isotonik Studios, is a highly interactive Max4Live MIDI effect designed to enrich drum programming on Ableton Live. Optimized for Ableton Live 12.0.5 and Max 8.6.2, the device allows users to trigger eight varied, pre-sequenced drum patterns, featuring 16-step velocity sequencing each. It includes a multi-breakpoint velocity envelope, affording dynamic changes over time to contribute organic movement to MIDI sequences. The PreRoll interface is user-friendly and intuitive, offering simplified controls without compromising creative flexibility. This facilitates usage not only for studio production but also live performance. It was launched in June 2024, requires a commercial license and has not yet been updated.

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The Monotale Sampler Loop Random V3 is a MIDI instrument designed as a plugin for Ableton Live, employing a four-stage auto-random feature to add unique manipulations and randomizations to the music loops. Included features include destructive and non-destructive randomization modes, adjustable pitch shifting, and a time division autoplay function with options for different rhythm modes. In addition, it has a built-in facility to handle one-shot samples with distinct time divisions, maximising the device’s creative capacity. Furthermore, it comes pre-loaded with 50 drum loops encouraging experimentation. Notably, it is a signal-based device that guarantees synchronized operations with Ableton ensuring seamless musical output.

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Arrangement Time 1.0.2 by Rivanni is a Max4Live device designed to improve precision in Ableton Live’s arrangement view. It provides users with a portable pop-up window that shows the current playback time, down to the millisecond. This utility tool is compatible with Ableton Live version 11.3.25 and Max version 8.5.8. It’s especially helpful for those who require an exact time display without disruption. As an update, Rivanni added the ability to display leading zeros in minutes and seconds, increasing precision and user-friendliness. There’s also an option to turn off the milliseconds display for those who prefer less detailed time information.

This Max4Live device can be particularly useful in syncing visual media to music, aiding in precise event alignment within Ableton Live projects. By using proper marker placement and millisecond management, users can fine-tune synchronization between musical cues and visual content. This tool can also help with recording multiple takes of an instrument, allowing users to note exact times for exceptional takes, and it proves indispensable during live performances, keeping users in sync with visual elements or other performers.

In summary, Arrangement Time 1.0.2 is a powerful utility tool for those seeking improved workflow efficiency and precision in Ableton Live’s arrangement view. It supports a broad set of use cases, from music production to live performances, underscoring its effectiveness as an essential tool for electronic music creation and production.

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Archiduc 1.0 is an innovative MIDI effect device designed to streamline processes within Ableton Live. Constructed by chapelierfou, this device enables the triggering of diverse actions within an Ableton Live Set from a singular MIDI track. It works by sending MIDI notes to a Drum Rack that consequently activates functions based on the chains named within it. Archiduc 1.0 stands out for its simplicity and seamless integration into an artist’s setup, improving efficiency in the creative process. The device is compatible with Ableton Live 12.0.5 and Max 8.6.2 and has garnered attention for its straightforwardness and the creative possibilities it offers. It notably excels in MIDI note assignments for controlling a spectrum of actions from one MIDI track, stretching artistic boundaries and opening new avenues for sound design and music production. The Archiduc 1.0 device is freely available and can propel the Ableton Live workflow by revitalizing the sonic landscape with a new realm of possibilities.

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The Gamepad Control 1.0, developed by JudaBaduda, is a Max4Live device that allows the merging of electronic music production with video gaming via Ableton Live. It facilitates the transformation of PlayStation and Xbox controllers into MIDI input devices, offering a plethora of creative possibilities. Using this device, drum racks, samples, and plugins can be played in an engaging, familiar manner.

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Features include plug-and-play convenience and automatic controller detection. Additional unique applicability is realized with customizable note mapping, providing endless possibilities for creating unique sounds, and Joystick X/Y Mapping for hands-on control of parameters and effects. The device contains various functionality modes such as Back Shoulder Bumper Trigger or CC Modes, Gyro X/Y Mapping, and Trackpad Mapping – all increasing the scope for performances.

The deviceโ€™s compatibility extends from PlayStation to Xbox Xs controllers, along with other professional controllers, providing comprehensive applicability across varying user platforms. Gamepad Control 1.0 was launched commercially on June 15, 2024, and was developed using Ableton Live version 12.0.5 and Max version 8.6.2. It is also supportive of Live 12’s Modulation System.

The device’s integration brings an innovative approach to interactivity in sound expression, proving essential for both live performances and in-studio sessions. Through transforming gaming hardware into musical instruments, it revitalizes Ableton Live sessions and provides the option for users to incorporate this aspect of playful creativity into their works.

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Swingset 1.0 is a MIDI Transformer for Ableton Live developed by Max4Live. This tool provides a pair of 16-step offset sequencers enabling users to add depth and complexity to their Ableton tracks by creating dynamic grooves from static sequences. Unlike Ableton’s built-in feature, Swingset 1.0’s interface is fully transparent, providing an immediate visual representation of modifications made to sequences. It eliminates the need for an existing groove source, allowing users to design unique rhythmic variances. It is compatible with Live 12.0.5 and Max 8.6.2 versions, appreciated for ease of use across all production experience levels. Thanks to Swingset 1.0, users can tailor rhythms to their specific needs, a capability particularly valued in music genres where unique grooves are essential.

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PicTool 1.0 is an innovative Max4Live device developed by Gross9978 that generates MIDI clips from user-defined image input in Ableton Live 12. The device utilizes individual color properties of an image, allowing the Red, Green or Blue (RGB) channels to dictate the Pitch, Velocity and Chance of each note. Additionally, PicTool 1.0 uses a systematic rotation system, cycling through the RGB profile for musical output variation. Its intelligent repetition filter promotes diverse note sequences, determining the complexity of the output from the image’s content. PicTool 1.0 syncs with the selected musical scale in Ableton Live, ensuring harmonic output. Launched in June 2024, it is accessible without a license, carrying a 5-star rating from users. Step-by-step usage: Install Max4Live and PicTool 1.0 with Ableton Live 12; Drag PicTool 1.0 onto a MIDI track; Load image of your choice; Configure RGB parameters; Generate MIDI; Adjust and refine the MIDI clip.

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Keep1 version 1.0 by Gross9978 is a Max4Live MIDI transformation device used in Ableton Live to bring creative variations in MIDI sequences. This device is actioned through a simple mechanism – for every set ‘nth’ MIDI note input by the user, only one is preserved and the rest are muted. This process of selective note preservation is flexible and can be rotated, thus resulting in unlimited variations in MIDI sequences. The system is non-destructive, allowing users to freely adjust configurations without permanently losing the original MIDI notes. Since its release in June, 2024, it has attracted significant use for its capacity to create diverse patterns and textures in sound. Keep1 is built for Live version 12.0.5 and Max version 8.6.2.

In practical application, this device works by being loaded to a MIDI track, after which it can be used to selectively mute notes in a sequence. This flexibility can foster the discovery of new chord voicings or rhythmic patterns through selective muting, providing an outlet for creative experimentation.

Additionally, Keep1 can be paired with other MIDI effects in Ableton Live such as the Arpeggiator to further unlock rhythmic and melodic potentials. Automating the ‘nth note’ parameter allows patterns to evolve for more dynamic changes throughout an arrangement.

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Clip Wizard 1.0 by OSTINSOLO is an industry-standard Max4Live audio effect designed for Ableton Live. It serves as an innovative tool for clip management, providing quick and efficient loading of clips into both Session and Arrangement views. The device allows for intuitive MIDI mapping and significantly enhances user experience through a direct browser focus, which simplifies content navigation and file locating. Other unique features include Beats/Free scroll functionality, X10 scrolling speed multiplier, and the Show Similar Files function exclusive to Ableton 12. Users can browse large audio libraries with minimized effort and achieve precise control over creative processes. The device also supports seamless integration with MIDI controllers, enhancing efficiency and workflow speed in music production. With compatibility with Ableton Live Suite 11 and 12, Clip Wizard 1.0 ensures versatility across various production setups.

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The Max4Live ON OFF Sequencer 1.0 is a dynamic MIDI pattern generator that integrates seamlessly with Ableton Live 11 and Max 8 versions. Developed by OpOloop, this Max4Live device allows users to sequence on/off messages, leading to more dynamic and creative musical compositions. Notably, this device’s user-friendly ‘Mapping’ resource makes the sequencing process more interactive and enjoyable. The ON OFF Sequencer 1.0 can dynamically switch different elements in and out of a project, allowing each performance to be uniquely based on the user’s creativity.

Useful for both beginners and experienced musicians, the ON OFF Sequencer offers a fun, intuitive, and educational experience. Serving as more than a simple MIDI Effect, the device adds depth and rhythm to compositions, transforming monotonous MIDI patterns into captivating musical elements. It further enhances the creative and audiovisual performance workflow of Ableton Live sessions.

The sequencer’s operational approach is based on live.objects with the possibility of real-time parameter automation. Its ability to automate repetitive tasks, such as activating and deactivating the cutoff frequency of a synth or controlling percussive elements within a rhythm, exemplifies its functionality and versatility. It’s also compatible with other Max4Live devices, opening doors to further manipulation and experimentation.

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The APC505mkII 1.0 is an Ableton Live compatible MIDI Effect controller device, designed by frankkeys, that enhances loop performance capabilities of APC40mkII hardware controller. It integrates the RC-505 Loop Station’s looping features with the functionalities of the APC Ableton Live Controller. Employing a one-button operation, this Max4Live device allows for easy initiation and control of recording, playback, overdubbing features on each loop, and also provides an undo/redo option. A unique feature is its intuitive RGB feedback, which offers visual cues for each operation, improving onstage performance and loop manipulation.

Other functions include a visual metronome with tap-tempo for real-time performance accuracy and on-screen channel selection for ease of use during live performances. Interestingly, it leaves other conventional operations and workings of the APC unchanged. This controller is suited for Live Version 12.0.0 and Max Version 8.6.2 and comes with a pre-mapped live set with an incorporated AMXD device. The APC505mkII 1.0 is beneficial for both beginner and professional Ableton performers who aim for enhanced control and productivity during their live performances, especially those involving complex loop arrangements.

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Steps by Rainbow Circuit is a Max for Live device that serves as a sequencer and modulation tool, particularly useful for enriching music produced in Ableton Live. The major features of Steps include adjustable step count and sequencer rate, which can be manipulated to generate complex rhythmic patterns. The device can be installed by downloading it from the Max for Live library, and once launched in a Ableton Live session, all parameters are accessible for moulding sonic output.

Further, Steps presents its users with a randomization feature, a dynamic tool for injecting irregularity and a touch of unpredictability into patterns and rhythms. This creates the opportunity for unexpected auditory surprises that can lend a unique flavor to the track in production.

This Max for Live device also supports parameter automation, introducing depth and movement to the rhythmic structure of music pieces. Laying down rhythmic foundations for tracks is another strength of Steps, allowing it to provide a steady pulse to the audio output.

Steps can be used to vary filter cutoffs, modulate parameters such as volume and panning, and even control device on/off switches rhythmically. The versatility and ingenuity of Steps make it a critical component of any electronic music producer’s toolkit.

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The Push 3 Granulator III Sample Selector 2.0 is a Max4Live device, capable of easily manipulating samples in Ableton Live. Developed by UnaVisionAgradable, this device is an advancement of Robert Henke’s “Granulator 3” device. It requires careful organization and execution of samples, which must be copied into individual folders and placed within “…/User Library/Samples/Folders/…”.

The device offers intuitive and efficient workflows by allowing users to browse and load samples from specific folders, even from the system comprehensively, at a touch of a button. It’s compatible with both Live 12.0.5 and Max 8.6.2.

As an exciting addition, Push 3 Granulator III Sample Selector 2.0 allows automatic sample changes, enabling unique sonic possibilities during a single live session or studio production. This device runs on an AttributionNonCommercial license, meaning it can be used freely for personal and non-profit purposes.

The Push 3 Granulator III Sample Selector 2.0 has integrated granular synthesis capabilities, allowing users to adjust parameters such as grain size, density, and position in real-time, creating distinctive sonic textures. These features make it an invaluable tool for musicians who wish to explore new sound production territories and redefine their audio manipulation skills in Ableton Live.

This Max4Live device’s game-changing aspect is its ability to streamline browsing, allowing seamless navigation and sample loading simultaneously during a live performance or studio session. Therefore, it’s a considerable addition to the arsenal of any forward-thinking, creative music producer seeking innovation and efficiency in their sound production journey.

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