Max4Live News for July 09th 2024

gd-grantastic 1.0 is an innovative Max for Live software device designed for granular synthesis in Ableton Live. Engineered by asteriskVT, this device can efficiently fragment audio into small “grains” and rearrange them for creative sound design. It was originally developed in the Max/MSP Pluggo environment in 2003 and got revitalized for the Max4Live platform in 2024.

Key features of gd-grantastic 1.0 include an ‘auto sequence’ feature that applies granular effect steadily across the audio buffer, a ‘Speed’ control dictating the traversal speed through the buffer, and ‘Duration’ function controlling the size of individual audio grains. Additionally, it has a ‘Window’ function to shape precise grain windows or slices and an enticing feature of pitch randomization and quantization.

The software offers both automatic granular sequencing and manual freeze-and-hold functionality, providing flexibility in the creation of diverse sonic textures. It performs optimally with Live version 12.0.5 & Max version 8.6.2 and is available for commercial use.

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Fractional Stretch 1.0 is sophisticated middleware for Ableton Live developed by Stev, an innovative device that transforms MIDI clips, offered as part of the Heap MIDI Tools 1 bundle. It augments the inbuilt MIDI stretching feature, offering modes such as Fraction, Decimal Fraction, BPM Shift and Decimal for highly personalized rhythmic control. The Fraction mode allows for MIDI stretching by whole number fractions, whilst Decimal Fraction leverages decimal numbers for precise control. BPM Shift introduces the capability to transmute one BPM to another, and the Decimal mode offers an expanded range for MIDI stretching. Further emphasizing flexibility, the tool offers multiple options for setting the midpoint for stretching such as the first note, last note, or a user-selected note. The device blends in seamlessly within Ableton Live 12’s environment enhancing the exploration in terms of rhythmic creation and experimentation.

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‘Rapid Personal Loans Today 1.0’ is a Max4Live audio effect for Ableton Live that mimics financial concepts by manipulating audio through parameters inspired by money management terminology. As a signal processor, the device features controls including ‘Interest Rate,’ ‘Loan Term,’ ‘Cash Flow,’ and ‘Credit Score’. Each control modulates various aspects of the audio signal to emulate the fluctuations often associated with financial markets—creating an interplay between audio manipulation and financial jargon. ‘Interest Rate’ adjusts the effect’s intensity, ‘Loan Term’ regulates the modulation speed, ‘Cash Flow’ balances the wet/dry mix, and ‘Credit Score’ alters the filter cutoff. The device, designed for Ableton Live’s 12.0.5 version and Max version 8.6.2, doesn’t operate based on popularity but on the creativity it can inspire.

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Workerscompens 1.0 is an innovative audio effect plugin available for Ableton Live through Max4Live, an application that bridges the gap between Ableton Live software and the MaxMSP visual programming language. Released on July 9, 2024, it operates alongside Live version 12.0.5 or higher and Max version 8.6.2 or above.

Uniquely, Workerscompens 1.0 hints at a conceptual link to structured settlement payouts, specific financial arrangements where individuals receive regular and tax-free payments over an agreed period of time. This relation suggests functionality based on consistent, rhythmic alterations to the audio signal, however, the exact implications of this analogy still remain to be fully explored by users.

In terms of usage, Workerscompens 1.0 offers numerous parameters for sound manipulation including a threshold control to set the input level at which the effect reacts, plus attack and release settings that adjust the effect’s responsiveness. Additionally, a modulation section provides rate and depth controls to introduce temporal variations to your sound. Users can balance the dry and wet signals to achieve a desired mix between the unprocessed and processed audio.

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Regarding updates, Workerscompens 1.0 has not yet received any since its release. Offered without any licensing fee, the plugin is accessible for experimentation to anyone using Ableton Live and Max4Live.

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Vert Energy Group 1.0, designed by Vertenergygroup1, is an innovative audio effect device engineered for Ableton Live. It operates seamlessly with Ableton Live 12.0.5 and Max 8.6.2 and bridges the gap between music creation and environmental sustainability. The device aims to revolutionize sound design by leveraging parameter mapping and signal processing to generate unique soundscapes. This approach enables producers to manipulate sounds in intriguing ways and promotes energy-efficient, sustainable production practices. Despite being recently added and not yet widely explored by the Ableton Live community, Vert Energy Group 1.0 shows significant potential as a tool promoting both creative musical design and environmental activism.

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gd-tapey 1.0, a product by asteriskVT, is a distinct Max4Live audio effect plugin developed to emulate the distinct character of vintage tape machines. It operates within Ableton Live 12.0.5 and Max 8.6.2. The software tool functions by using incoming audio signals to trigger changing delay lines and feedback loops, generating an authentic tape-like effect distinctively marked by an inherent warble. This effect infuses a vintage aura into modern audio production techniques, allowing producers to add a layer of timelessness to their works. The software offers a comprehensive user-interface, catering to users spanning various experience levels from beginners to advanced practitioners, with an under-the-hood advanced trigger mechanism to skilfully handle microscopic manipulations. Parameters like ‘Warble Rate’, ‘Warble Depth’, ‘Feedback’ and ‘Dry/Wet’, allow for a wide range of sound modulation possibilities. Applicable to many musical genres, especially lo-fi hip-hop, this tool has the capacity to mimic the effects of old tapes, adding depth, character, and nostalgia to digital sounds.

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The Random Velocity Mod 1.0 developed by nahmama is a Max4Live device designed to augment drum programming in Ableton Live. It serves as a MIDI effect system, providing an interactive solution to enhance static drum patterns, by introducing a randomized dynamic element to each drum hit’s velocity. The device operates effectively through a user-friendly interface with a randomization knob, allowing for velocity randomness adjustments in the range of 0 to 100%.

The distinctive feature of Random Velocity Mod 1.0 is its flexibility, offering manipulation of up to seven parameters, including Attack, Decay, Detune, Filter, and more. This feature allows for extensive control over rhythm and texture, resulting in more organic drum patterns. The compatibility of the Random Velocity Mod 1.0 with Ableton’s Simpler and Sampler devices broadens its usage efficiency.

The Random Velocity Mod 1.0 displays its full potential for rhythm creation when paired with MIDI controllers and other MIDI effects such as the Arpeggiator or Note Length, utilizing velocity modulations for more dynamic performance. Built for optimal performance on Live version 12.0.5 and Max version 8.6.2, this device is a versatile tool for electronic music production.

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