Helldivers Patch 01.000.403: Crash Fixes and General Improvements

Introduction to Patch 01.000.403

Helldivers fans can look forward to a range of improvements and fixes in the latest update, Patch 01.000.403, released on June 25, 2024. The update primarily focuses on addressing crash issues, bug fixes, and general gameplay enhancements. It's worth noting that Japanese language voice-overs are now globally available on PlayStation 5 as well as on PC, increasing accessibility for a wider player audience.

The development team has been actively working on resolving specific crashes that players have reported. Notably, there are fixes for crashes occurring when players with unique hellpod patterns leave during hellpod launch cutscenes, as well as crashes while aiming with the FAF-14 Spear. These fixes aim to ensure a smoother and more stable gaming experience.

In addition to crash resolutions, the update includes a variety of other corrections. For example, issues such as corrupted text displaying incorrectly for certain characters when using Traditional Chinese have been fixed. Other corrected problems include weapon malfunctions and graphical inconsistencies, ensuring that the action remains uninterrupted and visually coherent.

Overall, Patch 01.000.403 is a step forward in enhancing the Helldivers gameplay experience. With these updates, the developers continue to demonstrate their commitment to improving the game based on player feedback and ongoing testing. Helldivers enthusiasts can expect a more polished and enjoyable game with this latest update.

Crash Fixes

Helldivers 2 fans who have experienced crashing issues will be pleased to know that the latest patch includes targeted fixes aimed at these frustrating occurrences. The patch addresses a crash that was happening when players with unique hellpod patterns left during the hellpod launch cutscenes, ensuring a smoother game experience from the outset of missions. Another significant fix pertains to a crash that occurred while players were aiming with the FAF-14 Spear, eliminating a specific but impactful disruption during combat scenarios. With these critical crash fixes, players can expect a more stable gameplay environment that allows them to dive fearlessly into the action without the looming fear of sudden game interruptions.

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General Fixes

This latest patch has implemented several general fixes aimed at improving the gameplay experience for Helldivers 2 players. One of the notable fixes addresses the issue with corrupted text that previously showed question marks for certain characters when using Traditional Chinese language settings. Additionally, the Plasma Punisher now functions correctly with the SH-32 Shield Generator Pack and the FX-12 Shield Generator, ensuring that players can fully utilize these combinations during their missions.

Another major improvement comes with the correct heat adjustment for the Quasar cannon on both hot and cold planets, which should help players manage their weapon systems more effectively in various planetary conditions. The Spore Spewer’s appearance has also been tweaked to prevent it from appearing purple on some planets, thereby maintaining consistency with its intended design.

Texture issues have been resolved with pink question marks no longer appearing in missions across different planets, enhancing visual coherence in the game environment. The passive bonus from Peak Physique armor, which previously didn't affect weapon ergonomics properly, now works as intended, offering players the enhanced performance benefits they'd expect from this gear.

Players who found their available Operations reset after reconnecting due to inactivity will no longer face this problem, making for a smoother transition back into the game. Additionally, several other miscellaneous fixes have been implemented to polish overall gameplay and ensure all systems function correctly.

All these improvements collectively aim to create a more seamless and enjoyable experience for players, ensuring they can focus on their strategic and combat skills without being distracted by technical issues.

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Known Issues Post Patch

Following the release of Helldivers Patch 01.000.403, players have reported several known issues that have either emerged with this update or remain unresolved from previous versions. One of the primary concerns is the inability to send friend requests via friend code within the game, which hampers the social and multiplayer aspects. Additionally, players are finding it challenging to join or invite others to games.

Other issues include the improper sorting of players in the 'Recent Players' list, causing new additions to appear in the middle rather than at the top or bottom. Delays in Medals and Super Credits payouts have also been noted, which can affect the reward systems integral to player progression.

Gameplay mechanics have seen some inconsistencies, such as enemies that bleed out failing to contribute to Personal Orders and Eradicate missions. Invisible deployed mines and erratic behavior of arc weapons further disrupt the player experience. Anomalies with weapon accuracy, where most shoot below the crosshair when aiming down sights, have also been highlighted.

Strategem beams occasionally malfunction by attaching to enemies but deploying at their intended location, creating confusion and inefficiency during combat. Specific ship modules like the “Hand Carts” and “Superior Packing Methodology” are noted for not functioning correctly, particularly affecting the Shield Generator Pack's cooldown.

Moreover, the Bile Titan's vulnerability is inconsistent, with reports of its head not always taking damage. Issues with game flow include players getting stuck in the Loadout when joining games in progress and the unavailability of reinforcements for those who join midway. The planet liberation mechanic inaccurately reaches 100% completion at the end of every Defend mission, and the "Raise Flag of Super Earth" objective fails to display a progress bar. Lastly, mission counts in the Career tab reset to zero after each game restart, and several weapons have out-of-date descriptions that don't accurately reflect their current functionalities. These issues illustrate the need for ongoing attention and updates to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.

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