Helldivers Hotfix: Crash and Loading Screen Issues Resolved

Introduction to the Hotfix

A new hotfix has been rolled out by High Command as of July 4, 2024, targeting some significant issues that players have been experiencing in Helldivers 2. This update, dubbed Patch 01.000.404, primarily focuses on resolving persistent crashes and reducing the number of occurrences where players find themselves stuck on the hellpod drop-in loading screen. Such issues have been a major source of frustration for the community, and the development team's swift response underscores their commitment to enhancing the overall gaming experience. Along with these critical fixes, the hotfix also addresses various glitches and activates new ship modules, signaling a better and more balanced gameplay experience going forward.

Resolved Issues

The latest hotfix has addressed several critical issues that were significantly impacting players' experiences in Helldivers 2. One of the main fixes involves resolving crashes that were occurring during mission drop-ins. This issue had left many players frustrated as it interrupted the gameplay abruptly. In addition to that, there was a persistent problem with players getting stuck in the hellpod drop-in loading screen, which has now been resolved, ensuring smoother transitions into missions.

Another significant improvement included in the hotfix is the fix for crashes that happened after players changed their settings. Although an earlier patch attempted to address this issue, it did not fully resolve it, but this time, the engineers have assured that the problem has been fixed correctly. Players can now adjust their settings without fearing that the game will crash.

There was also a technical fix for the 'Superior Packing Methodology' ship module upgrade. This fix was applied to the server side and has been functioning properly since the beginning of July. With this hotfix, the developers have focused on eliminating these prominent issues to enhance gameplay stability and allow players to enjoy the experience without these major disruptions.

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Crash and Glitches Fixes

The recent hotfix includes multiple critical fixes, intending to eliminate some of the most prevalent crashes and glitches players have faced while playing Helldivers. One key fix was aimed at addressing incidents where crashes occurred during the drop-in phase of missions, which had been causing significant frustration among the community. Another major issue that the update tackled is the problem of players getting stuck in the hellpod loading screen, which was particularly troublesome and often resulted in involuntary resets and downtime.

Additionally, the hotfix resolved an issue with a crash that occurred after players changed settings within the game. Although a previous attempt had been made to fix this issue, it appears to have fallen short, necessitating this new solution that High Command assures is now fully effective. Alongside these, minor glitches associated with the new 'Superior Packing Methodology' ship module were also corrected.

By addressing these key areas, the hotfix enhances overall game stability and ensures a smoother gameplay experience for all players. Fans of Helldivers can now look forward to diving back into missions with the confidence that these disruptive technical issues have been effectively mitigated.

Ongoing Known Issues

While the latest hotfix has addressed numerous critical issues, some problems remain persistent within the game. Among these, sending friend requests via friend code still does not work, which impacts the social aspect of gameplay. Players might also face difficulties when trying to join or invite others to games. In the Recent Players list, added friends tend to appear in the middle rather than at the top, causing some confusion.

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Performance-related issues continue to affect the gaming experience. Delays in the payout of Medals and Super Credits have been noted, and the problem with enemies bleeding out without contributing to the progress of Personal Orders and Eradicate missions persists. Certain technical discrepancies also plague gameplay; for instance, deployed mines may sometimes become invisible even though they remain active, presenting a hidden threat.

Weapon behavior is another area experiencing inconsistencies. Arc weapons can misfire, and aiming down sights results in bullets hitting below the crosshair for most weapons. The Stratagem beam glitch, where the beam may incorrectly attach to an enemy but still deploy to the original location, is still unresolved. Moreover, the Hand Carts ship module remains ineffective in reducing the Shield Generator Pack's cooldown, compromising strategic planning during missions.

Other minor yet impactful glitches include the Bile Titan not taking damage to the head as intended, players getting stuck in the Loadout screen when joining mid-game, and reinforcement availability issues in similar situations. Additionally, planet liberation statistics erroneously indicate completion after every Defend mission, disrupting the accurate tracking of progress.

Mission-related bugs further include the Raise Flag of Super Earth objective failing to show a progress bar, and the Career tab resetting mission counts to zero after each game restart. Outdated weapon descriptions and incorrect display of personal orders complete the list of ongoing known issues following the latest hotfix. These problems highlight areas needing attention for future updates and patches.

New Ship Modules Activated

In tandem with the hotfix, the development team has introduced several new ship modules to enhance gameplay. These updates, which players have eagerly anticipated, include improvements to existing equipment and the addition of fresh capabilities for ships. The 'Superior Packing Methodology' upgrade has notably been corrected on the server side and is fully functional as of July 1st. Players can now look forward to the effective use of this module within their gameplay strategies.

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Additionally, new modules have been rolled out to offer more tactical options when customizing ship loadouts. These upgrades not only aim to increase the efficiency of logistics but also support more resilient defense mechanisms during missions. The changes have turned a fresh spotlight on ship customization, pushing players to reevaluate their strategies and modify their setups to include these newly activated modules.

The activation of these modules marks a significant enhancement that complements the overall improvements from the recent hotfix. This integration ensures that players are not only experiencing a smoother, more stable game but are also equipped with advanced tools and features to elevate their Helldiving missions. As players incorporate these new modules into their strategies, they should see a noticeable change in their mission performance and a broader range of tactical possibilities.


The significant improvements brought by the hotfix mark an important step towards refining the Helldivers experience. Players can now enjoy a more stable and seamless gameplay environment, thanks to the resolution of various crashes and loading screen issues. The commitment of the development team to address known problems and roll out new features demonstrates their dedication to enhancing the game. While some issues persist, the community can expect continuous updates to progressively tackle these challenges. As Helldivers continue their missions across the galaxy, the ongoing development efforts promise to support an even more engaging and enjoyable adventure.

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