Helldivers 2: June 2024 Community Update Review


With the June 2024 community update for Helldivers 2, players are greeted with a thorough look into the evolving dynamics of the galactic conflict that has been at the forefront of the game's narrative. This update series aims to keep the community engaged and informed about significant events, operational shifts, and developmental progress within Helldivers 2.

As the galactic war rages on, Helldivers have encountered significant challenges, notably with the Terminid Supercolony on Meridia and the resource-draining Automaton incursions. These conflicts have not only intensified but also broadened the scope of the game, pushing the Helldivers to adapt and overcome new tactical hurdles. The introduction of new weapons and recruits signifies the developer's commitment to expanding gameplay options and providing players with the means to tackle these challenges head-on.

One of the highlighted features of this update is the community's role in shaping the game's direction. The player base has demonstrated incredible coordination and perseverance, showcasing their ability to meet ambitious in-game objectives and drive the narrative forward. This synergy between players and developers underscores the importance of community feedback in the ongoing development process.

As we delve into further sections, we'll explore the detailed aspects of recent operations, new tactical advancements, and the exciting features awaiting the Helldivers community.

The War Report

June 2024 has been anything but quiet on the warfront for the Helldivers. The month kicked off with an intense confrontation against the Terminid Supercolony on Meridia. This first encounter with the massive spore outbreak was a test of strategy and resilience. Unfortunately, the Terminid infestation expanded to more planets, affecting the lives of countless Super Earth citizens.

As the Helldivers battled the Terminids, they also faced challenges from the Automatons. Efforts to secure vital resources and dismantle a staggering 2 billion bots fell short, and without the MD-17 Anti-Tank Mines, the Helldivers found themselves at a tactical disadvantage. This setback emboldened the Automatons, and they increased their aggression, further complicating matters.

The rising threats led to what is now known as The Second Galactic War. With new recruits joining the ranks and the liberation of a cutting-edge exosuit, the EXO-49 Emancipator, Helldivers were ready to counter the growing menace. Equipped with this new gear and bolstered by fresh troops, they launched Operation: Enduring Peace—a two-phase mission introducing Dark Fluid. This experimental substance aimed to obliterate the Terminid Supercolony on Meridia. The mission succeeded, but at a high cost, causing a planetary implosion that left a black hole where Meridia once stood.

With the Terminid threat momentarily neutralized, the Helldivers' focus shifted back to the Automatons. Intelligence from SEAF Cyberwarfare Specialists indicated that the Automatons were planning a large-scale terraforming project on Cyberstan. Preventing this attack has become the current priority, marking the start of a counteroffensive to reclaim occupied territory and prevent further entrenchment.

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Operation: Enduring Peace

The Helldivers, armed with the newly acquired EXO-49 Emancipator exosuit and replenished forces, launched Operation: Enduring Peace as the cornerstone of their strategy against the Terminid Supercolony on Meridia. This high-stakes mission kicked off with the deployment of Dark Fluid, an experimental and highly volatile substance capable of eradicating the Terminids once and for all. The operation unfolded in two critical phases: securing enough Dark Fluid while holding the front lines against relentless Terminid forces, and subsequently deploying this weapon to ensure total annihilation of the Terminid threat.

The execution of Operation: Enduring Peace showcased remarkable coordination and resilience from the Helldivers. The mission wasn’t without its sacrifices; they had to destroy the planet entirely, triggering a massive black hole where Meridia once orbited. This drastic measure sent shockwaves through the community, both literally and figuratively, leaving an ominous void that now serves as a stark reminder of the dire measures taken to secure peace. The destruction of Meridia, however, marks a significant victory, effectively neutralizing a major threat and freeing up resources to focus on the Automaton frontlines.

For the Helldivers, this operation underscores their unwavering commitment to the protection of Super Earth. Now, with the Terminid scourge behind them, the focus shifts back to the Automatons and their audacious plans to terraform Cyberstan. The community's efforts in Operation: Enduring Peace will go down in history as a pivotal moment in the Second Galactic War, setting the stage for future battles and strategic maneuvers against all who threaten the sanctity of human liberty across the galaxy.

The War Table

One of the standout moments that really showcased the unity and sheer tenacity of the Helldivers community was their attempt to decommission 2 billion Automatons. Even though they fell short and reached only 78% of their goal, the effort put forth by players was nothing short of remarkable. This monumental task may have ended in what some might label as a failure, but it provided invaluable insights into how dedicated and coordinated the Helldivers can be when united by a common goal. This particular effort, though not fully successful, stoked the fires of determination and exemplified the community’s readiness for future challenges.

Another highlight was the simultaneous liberation of Varylia 5 and Angel’s Venture. The community managed to secure the newly released EXO-49 Emancipator exosuit while also holding their positions firmly on both planets. This required a near-perfect division of effort and inspired a sense of comradery and collaboration rarely seen on such a large scale. Players displayed incredible tactical coordination, pushing just a bit harder on Varylia 5 while still maintaining robust defenses on Angel’s Venture.

Operation "Enduring Peace" was undoubtedly the climax of recent events, leading to the destruction of the Meridia Supercolony. As Helldivers watched the planet implode, giving birth to a black hole, the blend of awe, terror, and shock was palpable across the community. This dramatic and permanent alteration to the Galactic War map has sparked endless speculation and chatter among players about what lies ahead. The black hole now stands as a somber testament to all the hard-fought victories and a heavy reminder of the high stakes involved in the ongoing war.

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Each of these moments highlights the impressive commitment of the Helldivers and magnifies the dynamism of the community. The collective experiences, both triumphant and challenging, continue to shape the ever-evolving landscape of Helldivers 2 and keep the player base engaged and motivated.

Research & Development

This month saw some pivotal developments in our quest for continuous improvements and exciting new tools for Helldivers 2. According to production director Alex Bolle, the slowdown in weekly patches was a strategic decision aimed at enhancing the overall quality of updates. The additional time allows the team to conduct more thorough testing, catching and addressing significant bugs earlier in the process. One visible change from our efforts is the noticeable refinement in game design, where the team has become more detail-oriented, leading to polished and impactful content upgrades.

The recent update included the introduction of a brand new swamp biome, providing players with fresh environments and challenges to explore. This addition underscores the team's commitment to diversifying the game world and offering varied experiences to the community. Additionally, we’ve listened to the feedback and implemented some of the most requested features. The inclusion of Visible Warp Links and Attack Origins is a direct response to community desires for more strategic planning tools on the Galactic War map. This feature allows players to have a clearer understanding of potential routes and attack plans, fostering better coordination and tactical depth.

Another significant introduction is the Invite-Only Lobbies, a feature that empowers players to control their multiplayer experiences by choosing who they dive with. While this feature is currently only available in English, efforts are underway to support additional languages, making this option accessible to a broader audience. This change aligns with our vision of enhancing community interaction and gameplay customization.

Looking ahead, Alex Bolle hinted at exciting future improvements aimed at refining the Galactic War and equipping the Game Master with enhanced tools. These upcoming updates promise to keep the game dynamic and engaging, as the team continues to innovate and incorporate community feedback.

We’re thrilled with how these changes and additions are shaping up and eagerly anticipate the community's response. Every update is a step towards a more immersive and enjoyable Helldivers 2 experience, and we're committed to maintaining a balance between new content and refined gameplay. Until the next update, we'll keep refining, listening, and pushing the boundaries of what Helldivers 2 can be. Stay tuned for more exciting changes on the horizon.

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New Features and Community Wishlist

This month, Helldivers 2 has implemented several highly anticipated new features that the community has been eagerly waiting for. One of the standout additions is the introduction of visible warp links and attack origins on the Galactic War map. This enhancement is aimed at providing players with more comprehensive data, enabling better coordination for liberating planets and planning strategic efforts. This long-requested feature enriches gameplay, making it easier for Helldivers to decide their next moves and streamline their attack plans.

Another significant update is the addition of invite-only lobbies. This change allows players to control their in-game interactions by selecting who can join their missions, enhancing the cooperative experience. Currently, this feature supports only English localization, but more languages will be added soon, reflecting the game’s commitment to inclusivity and player preference.

The community has also been buzzing about the new EXO-49 Emancipator exosuit, which offers advanced capabilities and weaponry. This new addition not only provides a powerful tool for players but also reflects the game's ongoing focus on giving Helldivers the edge they need to combat increasing threats.

On the community wishlist front, there are continuous calls for more weapon customization options and new mission types. The developers have acknowledged these requests and hinted that future updates might include expanded customization features and diverse mission scenarios to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging.

In conclusion, the June 2024 update for Helldivers 2 has focused heavily on enhancing strategic gameplay and community-driven improvements, all while listening keenly to player feedback. With more exciting changes and features on the horizon, the Helldivers community has a lot to look forward to in the coming months.


As we reflect on this June 2024 community update, it's clear that the Helldivers 2 development team is dedicated to evolving both the gameplay and the community experience. The new features and improvements rolled out this month reveal a commitment to listening to player feedback and pushing the boundaries of what the game can offer. From the intense battles against the Automatons to the introduction of new strategic elements and exosuits, the game continues to provide thrilling and diverse challenges. The community's engagement and achievements, despite setbacks, highlight the collaborative spirit and determination that define the Helldivers. Moving forward, we can expect even more exciting developments, with the team's renewed focus on quality updates and in-depth testing. For now, Helldivers should prepare for the upcoming offensive against the Automatons, ready to defend Super Earth's liberty. Stay vigilant, stay united, and keep diving.

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