Eurorack News for June 19th 2024

The Kaona Skippy Live is a Eurorack Expander Module designed to enhance the capabilities of the Skippy module through various additional features. The hardware includes CV gate or trig input capabilities which allow altering of gate or trigger signals for effects like step skipping and Retrig. For sequence management, it features a reset button and a play/stop button, particularly useful for live performances. Additionally, a Live mode on/off button enables quick switching between live and preset states, adding versatility to sound production.

Layout-wise, the Skippy Live consists of 16 function potentiometers distributed over four rows, allowing the user to freely assign and adjust functions for each row. The unit’s flexibility is further increased by a row of algorithm potentiometers, which can be assigned to any of the available algorithms, including Euclid, Jazzy, PolyR, or Tiles.

A standout feature of the Kaona Skippy Live is its Save function which automatically retains the selected parameters for future use, enhancing user experience by minimizing manual operations. Connection to the main Skippy module is achieved through the provided cables, adding new functionalities to the setup. All these considerable features make the Kaona Skippy Live Eurorack Expander Module a potent device for any electronic music creator or enthusiast.

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