Eurorack News for June 17th 2024

The ‘beers-vca-4qmx2’ is a Eurorack module designed for creative voltage control in electronic music production. It features a dual VCA and four-quadrant multiplier functionality, offering a myriad of sound modification capabilities. The module allows voltage-controlled panning, crossfading, ring modulation, and versatile stereo VCA setups. It employs toggle switches for precise manipulation, enabling it to act as a voltage controller amplifier in VCA mode and enabling voltage-controlled polarisation in four-quadrant mode. The amplitude of input X is regulated by input Y, with the inclusion of a Y+BIAS feature for adjusting amplitude. It also includes Zener diode clipping on the outputs and differential & sum outputs for a variety of mixing options. The ‘beers-vca-4qmx2’ Eurorack module is a quintessential tool for inventive music producers interested in exploring unique voltage control techniques, from standard subtractive synthesis to complex ring modulation.

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The DivKid Output Bus module is a compact and flexible solution for a Eurorack system’s output needs. Designed by DivKid in collaboration with Befaco, this module performs functions similar to professional audio and studio summing units, all contained within an 8HP unit. Utilizing stereo summing functionality, it enables integrated mixing of other mixers in the setup to achieve a unified sound. This module importantly facilitates integration of external gear for retuning mono or stereo FX and connecting external stereo line level gear.

Among its key features is soft clip limiting, which ensures signal quality irrespective of the complexity of the patch, preventing distortion or loss of fine details. The Output Bus module supports balanced output, making it less susceptible to noise or interference and optimal for live performances and studio recordings. Messages on this module can be visually monitored with its LED visualization feature, enabling the preservation of dynamic range and prevention of unwanted clipping. Moreover, it includes a headphone monitoring function, assisting in cultivating immersive sound experiences or aiding in late-night patching sessions.

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In practical usage, the module offers ease in connecting audio sources to designated inputs, adjusting levels with onboard controls for summing, integrating external gear, and tuning signal volumes using the LED visualization feature. The DivKid Output Bus module is designed to serve as the final link in your modular chain, delivering balanced signals with soft clip limiting for a professional sound.

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