Eurorack News for June 13th 2024

The AtoVproject DHO, a Eurorack module, is a complex harmonic oscillator with internal modulation. It offers a unique combination of digital and analog technologies featuring a dual analog oscillator that generates four octaves of triangle waves. Modulation is achieved through through-zero frequency modulation, wherein each oscillator modulates the other. The modulation setup passes through a four-stage diode wavefolder to add texture to the resultant waveforms.

A unique feature of this module is its use of a video game algorithm, repurposed for musical modulation, which allows for modulation of 10 parameters using a single control knob, thereby reducing dependence on multiple external modulators.

The module is equipped with 10 internal Low-Frequency Oscillators (LFOs) which provide modulatory motion without the need for external modulators. The DHO also includes an expander module that produces standard waveform shapes like sine, square, and sawtooth, with Pulse Width Modulation capabilities.

The built-in haptic feedback feature adds to the interactive user experience by providing physical response to the knob adjustments. With a combination of extensive modulation options and interactive design, the AtoVproject DHO offers a wealth of sound design possibilities.

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