Eurorack News for June 12th 2024

The Ryk Modular Algo is a notable Eurorack module, serving as a quad complex oscillator bank. It is specifically designed for Eurorack enthusiasts seeking advanced frequency modulation (FM) capabilities. The Algo consists of four oscillators which can be set in series or parallel combinations, presenting a comprehensive synthesis approach targeting complex FM or additive textures.

The oscillators are equipped with unique Wave Warp control that variously alters Triangle to Pulse wave, providing distinct modulation to both Carrier and Modulator oscillators. Additionally, the Algo comprises an Algorithm Display delivering a visually instinctive interface that signifies signal flow between oscillators, making frequency modulation straightforward and engaging.

The Algo module features individual controls for Level and Frequency in each oscillator for perfect accuracy during FM timbre shaping. It supports modulation inputs for Frequency and Level and includes features such as Wave Folding available in the forms of Symmetric, Asymmetric, and Soft Clip. The Global Detune spread control is availed to build up immersive drone textures.

Equipped with an onboard Stereo Chorus, the Algo maintains a stereo output environment, further enhancing your sound experience. The Ryk Modular Algo focuses on furthering sound design experimentation, providing a blend of accessibility and complexity, and enriching Eurorack modular set-ups.

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