Eurorack News for July 11th 2024

The Bizarre Jezabel Mimosa MK2 is a dual-channel tube saturator module designed for the Eurorack system. It uses dual triode 12AU7 tubes that provide a full, warm sound, offering the user significant latitude in signal processing from mild tonal coloration to more aggressive, harmonically rich saturation.

The module includes two distinct channels, enabling simultaneous processing of stereo signals or separate treatment of two different mono sources. It boasts a 10-segment VU-meter with selectable visual modes for precise dynamic range control, allowing users to effectively manage the balance between dry and wet signals.

Additionally, the module features CV control with built-in attentuation for the dry/wet mix, offering flexibility in textural and timbral exploration by dynamically adjusting saturation level. Furthermore, the Mimosa MK2 features a heat switch to prolong the lifespan of the 12AU7 tubes, ensuring extended use of the module.

The device is designed to fit into a standard Eurorack case, maintaining configurations and compatibility with existing gear setups. The tube heat switch and stereo functionality mark it as a versatile addition to any Eurorack modular synthesizer system.

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The Grayscale Nexus is an advanced macro controller for Eurorack systems that incorporates the concept of keyframing. This allows the system to mark the VCA levels of 12 separate channels at any given moment and store up to 32 keyframes on a timeline, which can be manipulated through a single knob. It also processes external signals and generates control voltages, enabling it to function as a mixer, sequencer, LFO, envelope generator, attenuator, clock divider, sequential switch, panner, or crossfader.

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It has enhanced hardware with larger VCA channel capacity, a streamlined workflow, and additional features. Randomization options add another layer of versatility, enabling random stepping through keyframes and randomization of keyframe levels. The Nexus has an analog signal path despite being digitally controlled, eliminating audio bleed and precisely calibrating output levels.

Its design facilitates ease of use in stereo operation and more significant control in editing, allowing for the editing of multiple channels simultaneously, copying of keyframes to new positions, and the saving of up to 12 user presets.

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