Eurorack News for July 05th 2024

The Feedback-LFO100 is a Eurorack module that is an analog Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO). It allows users to utilize eight different individual waveforms outputs and offers dual-linked outputs for selection any of the eight waveforms. This module comes with a Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA) specifically designed for the alternative output, allowing controlled fading of the LFO signal. Users can choose between 16 steps, 8 steps, 4 steps, or a mangled version of stair-like waveforms. A CV control and waveform reset function are included for managing and modifying the waveforms. This Eurorack module also offers a switch frequency range selector with low, medium, and high-frequency settings.

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The Sebsongs Bread & Butter Eurorack Module is a general MIDI-based synth voice module, offering an expansive selection of 128 instruments and a dedicated drum preset. Its provides synthetic warmth and a broad variety of sounds. This compact design delivers various timbres for sound manipulation. Functionality includes standard V/OCT and GATE inputs compatibility and a polyphony system supporting up to 64 voices. The module has an independent decay system that allows chords to ‘ratchet’ and decay individually. With its HOLD function, it provides sound structure shaping and sustaining possibilities. The module contains a MIDI input that can work simultaneously with the V/OCT and GATE inputs, enhancing sound layering and complexity. The module also boasts stereo outputs with a PAN knob feature which assists with the spatial distribution of polyphonic creations. Controllable parameters include pitch bending, velocity, and instrument selection, expanding creative options.

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