Eurorack News for July 04th 2024

The Make Noise Channel Saver is an advanced eurorack module capable of versatile signal processing. Its primary functions include scaling, amplification, attenuation, and inversion of incoming signals through Channels 1 or 2. The module also doubles as a generator for DC offsets when unpatched. Another unique attribute is Channel 3’s crossfading ability between two signals or attenuating a single signal.

An integral feature of this module is the SUM and INVerted Sum Bus, offering advanced signal processing techniques. These techniques include addition, subtraction, mirroring, and inversion that enable a wider range of sound experimentation. The Channel Saver comes with individual channel outputs for independent signal routing and modulation possibilities. It is suitable for both novice and professional sound enthusiasts looking for a tool that allows subtle and intentional modulation of sound.

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