12 things to try in Ableton Live 12 (by Peter Kern @ CDM)

Here’s a concise summary of Peter Kirn’s 12 quick tips for Ableton Live 12, aimed at getting you started. These tips offer a broad spectrum of creative possibilities to explore in Ableton Live 12, from workflow improvements to sound design innovations.

  1. Change the Color: Explore the new color themes, optimized for ease on the eyes, with tone controls and light/dark options under the default theme.
  2. Apply and Learn About Tuning: Dive into non-traditional tuning systems, including Arabic and Persian music. Use Scala files for custom tunings and explore tuning.ableton.com for interactive learning and creation.
  3. Modify Your Returns: Rearrange and duplicate return tracks as easily as regular tracks.
  4. Sound Similarity Search: Use machine learning to find similar sounds in your library by right-clicking a file and selecting “show similar sounds.”
  5. Apply Probability to a Group of Notes: Adjust the probability of a group of notes playing in the clip detail view to add variety to your MIDI clips.
  6. Try a Euclidean Generator: Implement equally spaced rhythms using the Euclidean generator in the clip detail view, great for creating traditional clave rhythms.
  7. Transformers: Experiment with the Time Warp transformer and other transformations for clips, including speeding up or slowing down, available in Max for Live.
  8. Feedback in Roar: Explore the feedback mode in Roar for time-synced distortion effects.
  9. Robert Henke’s Granulator Upgrade: Check out the two new engines in the upgraded Granulator for different sound possibilities.
  10. Capture Variations in the Performance Pack: Use the Performance Pack to capture variations of knob tweaks to aid in arranging and finishing tracks.
  11. Save Custom Browser Views: Save frequently used search filters or plugin sets as custom browser views for quick access.
  12. Check Out Resonators in Meld: Experiment with the plate and membrane resonators in Meld, which adapt to your active tuning system for unique sounds.
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Peter Kirn is an Editor at CDM. You can read his article here and watch the video here.